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Video Calling for Seniors – Ultimate Guide
2021-05-06 10:33:35

Technology has changed a lot in the world, including the way we communicate. Today, there are a couple of tablets and smartphones that make speaking and seeing one's loved ones easier regardless of distance. 

Unfortunately, seniors didn't grow up with these smart devices, and many of them can't operate them. But, that shouldn't stop them from also seeing and speaking to their loved ones in distant places. 

This is why video calling devices for seniors were introduced. There are ample options to choose from, but for a better experience, you should only opt for the best. 

The best video calling devices for seniors

Dragon Touch Max10 Tablet

A 64-bit Octa-Core high-performance processor powers this device. Thus, it operates at high speed. It comes with either 2GB or 3GB Ram and has 32GB storage. With such storage capacity, not only can you make video calls at ease, but it also provides you an amazing experience to browse, play games, and shop, among others. 

Max10 Tablet

Why you should buy Dragon Touch Max10 Tablet?

Full access to Google service 

With Dragon Touch Max10 Tablet, you can use Google services, including YouTube, Gmail, Play Store, etc. It also provides you easy access to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Eye protection 

You don't have to worry about the effects of blue lights on your eyes with this device because you can manually regulate its brightness in different environments. 

Easy to operate 

Seniors don't need any specialized skills to operate this device. Its video applications are easy to access and easy to use. Its AI gives you a more customized experience that makes the device adapt to your needs. 

Blistering performance 

Dragon Touch Max10 Tablet has an octa-core processor and 3GB RAM, making the device operate at high speed. 

Large battery capacity

This device comes with a 5000 mAh battery, allowing you to make as many video calls as you want without worrying about your device shutting down. With such capacity, you can enjoy the full capacity of the tablet for 10 hours. 

Why you shouldn't buy Dragon Touch Max10 Tablet


Its 10-inch size might be too large and uncomfortable for seniors to move around. 

ViewClix Smart Frame

This is an excellent device for seniors that want to keep in touch with their family members frequently. ViewClix Smart Frame is perfect for taking pictures and making live video calls. 

ViewClix Smart Frame

Why you should buy ViewClix Smart Frame

Easy to use 

Using this device is incredibly easy. If a call comes in while you're checking the slide pictures, you don't have to start looking for how to hide the pictures before you pick your video call. The slide pictures automatically hide. 

Wi-Fi and Hotspot 

You can easily connect to the internet and make live video calls by selecting the network and typing your Wi-Fi password. If you're in an area with no Wi-Fi, it gives you a choice to opt for a mobile data Hotspot. 

Easy photo sharing 

Share photos on this device, and make video calls with your loved ones in the share list. 

Why you shouldn't buy ViewClix Smart Frame

Requires initial setup 

Seniors can't start using this device except after doing some specific setup that they might be unable to handle by themselves. 

No power switch 

ViewClix Smart Frame doesn't come with a power switch. 

Amazon Echo Show

You can make hands-free video calls with this beautiful device. It works with video calling apps like Zoom, Group calling, and Amazon Chime. It also allows you to send voice messages. The device gives you rich stereo sound with a brilliant display on an 8” HD screen.

Amazon Echo Show

Why you should buy Amazon Echo Show

Manage your smart home 

This device allows you to control your smart home devices with your voice. Such a feature allows you to view security cameras, set thermostats, and control lights and switches without moving a finger. 


Amazon Echo Show allows you to use your voice to add items to lists, set timers, call your loved ones, and create calendar events. You can also check weather and traffic updates or ask for movie showtime from your comfort. 

Brilliant display 

When you make live video calls with your loved ones, you can see them brilliantly displayed on the 8” HD screen.

Why you shouldn't buy Amazon Echo Show

Poor camera size 

With a 1mp camera, you can't appear very brilliant on the other person's device while making live video calls. 


The GrandPad companion app allows you to connect with your loved ones. It only comes with essential apps and services, eliminating the complications and distractions of unnecessary apps and devices. This makes GrandPad a perfect device for seniors who want to keep in touch with their loved ones. 

Grandpad for Senior

Why you should buy GrandPad

Multiple features 

With GrandPad, you can reach out to the people you trust via video calls or voice calls without robocalls or spam. You can also use zoom applications on the device. 


You can watch nature videos on this device, including season and animal videos to relax your mood. 


Seniors can easily order a ride on the device. 


GrandPad has tools like a calculator, magnifying glass, and flashlight that you can use for your daily activities. 

Why you shouldn't buy GrandPad 

Large size 

The large size of this device means many seniors might be burdened taking it around. 


KOMP is an easy-to-use device that allows you to send messages, make video calls, and snap pictures without stress. Unlike many smart devices, KOMP has no touchscreen. You can perform every operation you want with a single button. Isn't that easy? 


Why you should buy KOMP 

Bold texts 

The device displays contents on a high contrast screen with large texts. This makes it easy for you to operate and read independently without requiring a reading glass. 

Clear audio 

KOMP features clear audio. Therefore when you make live video calls, not only will you see who you are talking to, you'll also hear what they say loud and clear. 

One button 

With the one big button on the device, you can perform every operation you want at ease without learning any complicated process. 

Why you shouldn't buy KOMP

Looks old fashioned 

If your senior requires a modern-looking device, this may not be the best for them. It looks more analog. 

Best video calling apps for seniors

Alexa app

The Alexa app is one of the easiest video calling apps for seniors. It owes this to its easy-to-use feature. 

You can begin to make calls on this app as long as the two parties have it on their devices. You can also make video calls on your Echo Show by giving a command. Just say "Alexa, call [contact name]" and wait for the connection. 


This is one of the most commonly used video calling apps. You should install the Skype app on the senior's smart device, allowing them to speak to their loved ones who also have the app on their device. 

If they struggle to find the Skype icon among other icons, clear their home screen and only leave the Skype app there for them to access easily. 

Skype Video Call


For seniors to make live video calls on WhatsApp, you should install the application on their smart device and register with their phone number. 

If the number to call is saved on the device and also registered on WhatsApp, then they can initiate the call. Almost every smartphone comes with WhatsApp, therefore, seniors can speak to whoever they like on it. 

Facebook messenger 

To make video calls with this app, select the loved one you want to speak to after opening the messenger. 

You'll find the video icon at the top right corner of the chat room, click it, and the call will be initiated. 

The Verdict 

Not all video calling devices and apps are suitable for seniors. Some require special tech knowledge, which many seniors may lack. Therefore, purchasing such devices for the senior or installing such apps on their devices might be a waste of time, and they may always require third-party assistance every time they need to make calls.

However, if you opt for any of the devices or apps indicated above, you'll make a good choice, and the elderly fellow can video call their loved ones whenever they like. 

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