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What is the Best Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame?
2020-10-09 03:47:19

Wi-Fi digital photo frames have taken the tech world by storm. Frames have always existed, but the ability to have a digital photo frame that you can control wirelessly (thanks to Wi-Fi) is something that has sent most people in a frenzy, and they have every reason to be excited. 

Unlike conventional photo frames where you have to choose one picture, put it in a frame, and live with it, with digital photo frames, you can change the displayed photo as many times as you like. Just to add icing to the cake, wireless digital photo frames allow you to do this remotely. In this short piece, we are going to look at some of the best Wi-Fi digital photo frames on the market.

Dragon Touch Classic 10

Our first pick is Dragon Touch Classic 10. We can easily say that we saved the best for last. This compact 1280x800 frame comes in a 10.1-inch screen that has a crisp display. It is mainly because of the 16:10 aspect ratio coupled with the crystalline display. The latter also comes with auto-rotate, making it relatively easy to have a perfectly oriented picture display.

Wi-Fi + Cloud Support

Dragon Touch Classic 10 has immense wireless capabilities. With cloud support, you can easily share all your best moments with your loved ones, no matter where they are. Transferring photos to Dragon Touch from other devices is a breeze. With 2.4 GHz, Wi-Fi sharing, you can easily and quickly send photos and videos to your frame. With 40,000 photo capacity, space is definitely one thing you would not need to worry about.

Dragon Touch Classic 10 does not come with wall mounting hardware, but for the price, getting this Wi-Fi digital photo frame is a bargain.

Aura Frames Sawyer

Another pick is the robust Aura Frames Sawyer. This frame is made to last with a durable aluminum frame. Substituting the usual plastic with aluminum was a masterstroke. Aura Frames Sawyer is amazing, and the fact that it comes in 7 different colors makes it a lot more desirable. Another premium feature that comes with this frame is the motion sensor. The latter allows it to only turn on when someone is in the room, and as soon as no one is around, the frame switches off automatically. Talk about intelligent technology. The frame also adjusts brightness automatically, making sure that your eyes are not strained.

Aura Frame Sawyer is close to perfection, but the huge frame bezels and the fact it is a little too heavy weigh down on the frame. The screen is a little too small compared to other Wi-Fi digital photo frames. The 2048x1536 pixel screen does not offer 4k. It is a bit of a let down for a frame that is perfect in almost everything else.

Wi-Fi Control

Aura Sawyer comes equipped with the companion app to make it easier for you to control the frame from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. It means you can easily change pictures on the digital photo frame you bought for your grandparents.


Meural Canvas II

Meural Canvas II is probably one of the best digital photo frames on the market. The fact that it can be mounted on a wall makes its huge dimensions one of the coolest pros of the frame. Meural II comes with a huge 19x29 inch crystalline display that offers an amazing 1080p resolution. This frame automatically switches between portrait and landscape orientation, depending on how it is set up to ensure that your photos are not displayed upside down. This wall-mounted digital frame comes with all the hardware you need to sturdy mount it on any even wall surface.

Easy-to-use Wi-Fi App

Meural Canvas II comes with an app that is pretty easy to use. The UI of the app is simple and works perfectly to ensure that you easily change pictures from anywhere. The frame’s touchscreen display is also one thing that makes it stand out, the huge display allows touch screen control. It means there are no buttons, and it looks just like a usual frame.

With all these premium features, Meural Canvas is bound to be a little pricey. It is a bit on the expensive side, but it is worth it. Another thing that might be a turn off is the fact that unlike most other frames on the market, it does no provide cloud support. It means you will still need to manually backup your pictures on your phone or PC to avoid losing them. 

Depending on what you are looking for in frame, you can easily pick one from the list above. Each of these three choices offers a unique appeal that is bound to cover all tastes in interior design!

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