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Why Do People Buy a Digital Photo Frame?
2020-09-16 12:11:34

In every family, there are frames everywhere showing good memories and great moments. These images were popular because, in the past, the only way a film was developed from old cameras was by taking it to a film developer, after which the photos were printed for use in a photo frame. 

Even after digital photography became mainstream, the photo frame did not disappear. Because modern images are easy to print on color printers and special papers to obtain the same results as traditional photo studios.  Until recently, the production of portable devices and storage media became so common and cheap. They realized it’s important to introduce digital photo frames to ordinary customers. 

With modern photo frames, printing is no longer necessary. Since the photo frame is now digital. The digital photo frame is easy to use. Changing the photos in the old photo frame is as easy as taking out the old photos and putting in new photos. When you want to display another photo, just set it on the photo frame and it will be displayed immediately.

Features of Digital Photo Frame

1. Screen Size

Generally, the size range of the digital frame is 3 x 5 to 10 x 12 inches. The best digital photo frames are larger sized, up to 7 inches and 8 inches. Dragon Touch digital photo frame comes in different sizes.

2. Frame

The frame surrounding the display is made of different materials, colors, and styles. Most materials used are plastic, metal, wood, and glass. Certain types of digital photo frames also provide interchangeable panels that can change their appearance to suit the surrounding decoration. Dragon Touch digital photo frame has interchangeable panels that can match your surrounding decoration.

3. Built-In Storage

Some digital photo frames provide built-in memory to allow users to store pictures. It is agreeable to a better way for the users as they don't need to use the camera's memory card in the frame. Dragon Touch digital photo frame has a built-in memory, which will allow you to store a lot of pictures.

4. Connectivity

Some digital photo frames have different forms of connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth. Users can send their digital images from laptops to the digital frame through different forms of connectivity (USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi).  Dragon Touch digital photo frame has various forms of connectivity (Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB), making sharing pictures more convenient.

Why People Buy Dragon Touch Digital Photo Frame

1. Easier to use

Changing a picture on a traditional frame can be easy, you just take an old picture and place it in a new one. However, do not forget the effort required to get the photograph designed in the right size. It couldn't be simpler than inserting a memory card from a camera or USB flash drive filled with photos and then choosing which images to display from there. After you want to display another image, all you have to do is simply place it in the frame and it should appear immediately.

2. Unique Features

Both traditional and digital photo frames can look the same after displaying images. However, the Dragon Touch digital photo frame is also compatible with some modern features, such as Wi-Fi connection, internal memory for an automatic slideshow of photos, a slideshow function that allows you to display multiple photos at a set time interval, and other formats (Eg audio, text) compatibility and video.

All these advantages make the Dragon Touch digital photo frame better than the traditional copy in many aspects. Also, they are surprisingly cheap, so it is recommended that you have at least one in your home.


With the advancement in technology, people no longer rely on printed images, because they are expensive to make and impractical. The digital photo frame is now a more practical way of displaying your prized pictures.

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