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Which Brand of Digital Photo Frame is Best?
2020-08-29 09:45:18

Why a digital photo frame Is worth buying

We are increasingly preserving our life’s memories and experiences not in the traditional physical family album but in a digital format on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or even in the cloud. 

However, even as the world of photography as we know it slowly disappears and ushers in a new world of visual experiences, some old habits die hard. For example, we’d still want to mount some of our favorite pictures on our walls or work desks. Many people are now embracing the digital photo frames in place of physical photo frames of the past 150 or so years. 

How to choose a digital photo frame

Digital photo frames are getting increasingly advanced. There are now features that enable you to do more with your digital photo frames than simply swipe and display. For example, some feature their own unique apps and you can even interface them with some of the popular photo-sharing portals such as Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, and Google Photos.

When shopping for a digital photo frame, it is important to factor in the ease of setup and ease of use. You or any of your visitors should be able to dynamically view your photos with relative ease. And your designated contacts can also contribute to the frame and automatically transmit new photos to the digital photo frame screen via Wi-Fi or email. 

The prices of digital photo frames on sale vary according to sizes, features, resolutions, specifications, and designs.

Below, we look at some of the best digital photo frames brands that you can choose to display your favorite and memorable pictures. We have selected these top brands based on their product offerings, be it in terms of the image quality, storage, ease of use, and even ease of integration with the various social media and photo-sharing portals. 

1. Dragon Touch - Ultimate Massive Storage

Dragon Touch is undoubtedly one of the best digital photo frame brands that you can use. Clever design, great selection, and a load of features means that you can always find the cutting-edge digital photo frame that meets your needs in this brand. 

Their massive storage gives you ‘unlimited’ photo upload capabilities and the designs feature an IPS Touch Screen rather than a button at the back for ease of operation. Other cool features include auto-rotation capabilities and robust sharing features via email, app, or cloud.

One of its top selling digital photo frames is the DRAGONTOUCH Classic 10 which packs up a 10.1-inch display, 1280 x 800 resolution, and a fairly generous 16GB of storage. You can use this to store up to 40,000 photos, almost a lifetime of memories. The frame looks nice with excellent picture quality. Its ease of set up and ease-of-use makes it accessible even to seniors. It also enables you to even add photos via USB or SD card. 

If you are looking for the Best Buy digital photo frame, you won’t go wrong with the Dragon Touch line of cool and innovative digital photo frames. Their products are also relatively affordable hence within the reach of most buyers.

2. Pix-Star - Plenty of Smart Extras

Pix-Star is one of the most popular Amazon digital photo frame brands with lots of reviews. It has established a reputation in the industry as probably one of the best if not the best Wi-Fi digital picture frame. 

Their products are easy to use, foolproof, and offer wonderful accessibility to the entire family. The Pix-Star products tack in plenty of smart extras. For example, the digital frames allow you to stream broadcasts from multiple radio stations and even play music over your photo slideshow. 

They feature multiple image transitions that you can leverage to customize your photo slideshows or presentations. You can even use the Pix-Star digital photo frames to set reminders, play simple puzzles and Sudoku games, do quick calculations among other quirky functions.

You can link numerous frames from one account depending on the Pix-Star gadget that you choose. It allows you to even send and receive images or audio messages directly between the connected frames. The Pix-Star gadgets also connect to Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos. 


For control, you use buttons at the back; it doesn’t have a touch functionality like the Dragon Touch frames

3. Feelcare - Photo Displayed with Captions

Feelcare Smart Photo Frame is an innovative digital photo frame brand with a great variety to choose from. It has a wide selection of products on Amazon and lots of positive reviews from end-users. Its gadgets offer a relative ease-of-use via a touchscreen functionality rather than buttons, high-definition IPS panels, and Wi-Fi connected photo frames with which you can easily receive new photos from family and friends. There is a complimentary free smartphone app for direct photo sharing. This digital photo frame brand even allows you to add captions to your photos! Other cool features include a backup/restore photo feature and different orientation modes including landscape, portrait as well as auto-orientation.

One drawback of Feelcare is that its 8G flash memory storage can store up to 2,000 photos

4. Nixplay - Rich and Varied Styles

Nixplay is another superb digital photo frame brand with reliable quality standards. It is the go-to brand if you are shopping for the best digital photo frame brands that have multicolor frames. There are various frames to choose from in its offering including the Smart photo frames, Nixplay Seed, and Nixplay Seed Wave. Each of these offers something unique that will appeal to the varied tastes and preferences of buyers. With more than 8,000 reviews on Amazon, this is a truly tried and tested digital photo frame brand. 

5. Aura Digital Photo Frame - A Household Adornment

The best feature of the Aura Digital Photo Frames is undoubtedly its superb remote sharing capabilities. You will also love its monster capacity. Its products allow you to add more than 10,000 photos to your frames which is truly ‘unlimited’ capacity. Who takes 10,000 pictures anyway? Its super-high and industry-leading resolution enables you to see every detail in the pictures. The Aura frames are beautifully handcrafted with thoughtful designs to pick from and will easily enhance or complement any preexisting interior décor style in your home or office.

These are some of the best digital photo frames currently in the market. You won’t go wrong with any of these industry-leading, feature-packed, and coolly-designed frames from these top hitters. Go and get the best digital photo frame to add a unique touch to your warm atmosphere!

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