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When to Start Using a Baby Monitor?
2020-09-15 06:17:54

We all love our kids but Dragon Touch knows how hard it is to keep an eye on them 24/7. You’re afraid that they’re going to fall off the cradle and get hurt. Besides, when you’re away, you’d like to see what your baby is doing right now with a nanny.

To do all of this and live your life to the fullest, consider using a baby monitor camera. This device shows you what your baby is doing, puts them to sleep, and lets you speak with the kid when necessary. You only need to keep the monitor close in order not to miss anything.

Do you need to start using the baby monitor from a certain age?

It’s up to you. You can use one even if your baby was born a few days ago. Babies and infants sleep for 12-14 hours a day. You don’t have to sit there and wait until something happens all this time. The camera does it for you.

When your child grows up, your camera and monitor become your best friends. Kids will certainly do the homework, that’s for sure. Older family members and even pets can be monitored through this surveillance tool.

Can I use the baby monitor at night?

Yep, the night vision feature makes it possible to see what’s happening in the children’s room when it’s dark. HD quality video and the built-in microphone let you see and hear your baby whenever you are.

Dragon Touch baby monitors help your kids fall asleep faster because they can sing. Play a lullaby via the smart camera and watch them sleep within minutes. Temperature control will show you if it’s not too cold in the room at night.

You can see the whole room with the baby monitor.

360° camera coverage lets you see everything from the window to the door. Even if your baby got out of bed, you’ll know where they are. The Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom function enables you to move the camera in all directions when you need it.

Watch what’s up in other rooms, as well. Your baby monitor can show you up to 4 pictures from different cameras. All the kids, elder relatives, and pets become an open book for you.   

How to hide it?

Of course, it’d be weird to put the camera right in front of your family members’ faces. Thus, the cameras come in different forms and sizes. You can even put hats that are included in the package like in Babycare Video Baby Monitor to make the camera look like a toy.

Put it in the place your children can’t reach. To make sure kids don’t damage it, mount the camera on the wall with wall mount and mount screws that come in a pack. This way you can choose the most secure place in the kid’s room to put your camera.

Freedom is what you get when you use a baby monitor.

Make yourself a cup of tea after a long day instead of sitting beside your child and waiting for trouble. Go ahead and take a bubble bath or spend some time with your loved one, the monitor will show you if your baby is alright.

You no longer have to run all around the house to see if your kid is safe. Take time for yourself with the camera and monitor from Dragon Touch. You’ve earned it!

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