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What to Expect From a Baby Monitor
2020-08-30 14:42:35

Since the first 'Radio Nurse' baby monitor by Zenith in 1937, the industry has not been disappointed but has kept experiencing a series of innovations. The very initial attempt to monitor a child was represented by ordinary radio devices, which helped parents to know what is happening with their kids in nurseries.

Unfortunately, those devices didn’t meet the expectation of parents, because they ended up picking up different background noises, and even sometimes picked up nearby radio signals.

Nevertheless, with the advancement in science and technology today, those long-distance baby monitors have significantly improved with advanced functionality. 

One of the first improvements was the possibility of two-way communication, i.e. a way to respond to the child. The second improvement was the introduction of videos to complement the sound of audio monitors. Today, baby monitors have significantly evolved as we now have wireless monitors that can be accessed from a smartphone and can be viewed right from any location.

If you are looking to purchase smart video baby monitor, below are the features you can expect to find high-quality baby monitors from Dragon Touch:

1. High-quality video resolution: getting the best baby monitor, you should look out for devices that are combined with fast speed internet, Dragon Touch baby monitors should offer high-quality video day and night monitoring.

2. A Two – way feedback system: A suitable baby monitoring device should be able to provide you with the opportunity to respond to and even lull your baby from any location, whether; you're in the office, on a business trip, and taking a walk.

There is two-way audio in Dragon Touch baby monitor so your baby can hear your own voice. 8 lullabies to help your baby sleep in peace.

3. Mobile App Accessibility: Since the mobile phone has become part of our everyday activity, it’s only common sense that you should be able to monitor your baby from your smartphone or even tablet.

4. Camera adjusting: This feature is found in some of the best baby monitor devices that move and be able to tilt the monitor with a simple touch on your mobile phone.

5. Music Player Enabled: Soft playing music help children sleep faster, and can help you set a predictable naptime schedule for them. With our Dragon Touch baby monitor, you should be able to play your baby's favorite song.

6. Photo and Video enabled Functionality: Because babies often look so adorable in their photos, with our Dragon Touch baby monitor, you can capture those beautiful moments, even if you are several miles away from home.

7. Safety and Security: With Dragon Touch's safety first baby monitor, you are guaranteed the safety of your child. Thus the video feed is only accessible to people that you trust.

In addition, other functions like feeding reminder, room temperature monitor act as an intelligent babysitter to help you take care of your baby in all aspects.

If you are still unsure of the kind of baby monitor to get for your little cutie, we welcome you to explore Dragon Touch E40 video baby monitor. Dragon Touch baby monitors are top-rated and have received several positive reviews from satisfied parents. We have in our collection the best baby monitor, which incorporates all highlighted functionality above. We are always committed to creating better safety care products for your baby! 

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