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What is the Best Tablet for Young Kids?
2020-09-03 09:54:26

At a time like this, a tablet is essential for your kids. It is not just to distract them while you work, it is a medium for them to learn and be entertained. Who said both of these things can’t be achieved at once? What you need is just a kids tablet.

What is the best kids tablet? The answer depends on taste and preference. There are a lot of great kids tablets such as Amazon kids tablets, Ipad, or other models from Samsung.  

These tablets come with great features such as parental control and a good Application Store for kids. Some of these devices can be pricey and may be higher than your budget, while some are super affordable but offer all the features you will find on a premium tablet for kids.


The Apple Ipad air is an excellent kid's tablet. It is a 10.5-inch tablet with a Full HD resolution. It is compatible with an Ipad pencil and a smart keyboard. These accessories create an avenue for more creativity.

The Apple3 Ipad air is as powerful as they come, you get Apple’s A12 Bionic chip, 3 GB of RAM, a large battery and quality specs from Apple.

The restrictions feature in the settings allows for parental control. You can restrict apps and content with the age ratings.

The Ipad Air and its accessories do not come cheap. Buying it and the accessories will set you back by a few hundred dollars. Another great tablet In this price range is the ASUS Chromebook CT100.

2. Amazon Fire 8 HD tablet

The Amazon fire series are known for their good specs. This Amazon kids tablet no exception. It features a nice HD display with good performance. It has a 2.0 GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of storage.

You will find the sturdy case on this aptly suited for kids. It also comes with 2 years of warranty. Like expected of a kid's tablet, the Amazon Fire 8 HD has parental control features. 

You can allocate screen time and set up restrictions for apps and sites. The battery on this tablet can last up to 12 hours.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

The Samsung galaxy tab A should not be missing from a list of best tablets for kids. This tablet comes with good specs for a kids' tablet. It has a decent processor, a large battery, HD display and it comes with a 2G/32G combination.

It has thousands of hours worth of books, videos, and games. Your kids will be engaged for long periods of time. You need to be on a subscription plan to access this feature.

You can create multiple accounts for different kids and set restrictions. The case on this tab is good. Sadly, the case doesn’t do a good job of protecting the screen. You will need a screen protector for this Tab.

4. The leapfrog EPIC Kids Tablet

The software here is appealing and allows for more customization than many tablets, setting up and loading the OS for the first time will be breezy. It automatically creates a unique profile tailored to your child's age when you set it up. The software here is based on android.

It comes with 1 GB RAM/ 16 GB ROM. The protective case that comes with this tablet would suffice for drop and accidental scratches.

It has tons of parental control features such as password protection, screen timing, and content filtering. It also uses a child-safe browser. You will find many apps on the LeapFrog store but they can be a bit pricey.


5. DRAGONTOUCH Y88X Kids Tablet

One of the very best from Dragon Touch is their tablet for kids. You will find thousands of age-appropriate apps and content with the COPPA certified KIDOZ.

We know young kids have butterfingers, figuratively, and sometimes literally. The protective case here has extra padding at the edges that raises slightly above the screen. It protects the screen, even from intentional drops.

Kids can enjoy hours of valuable content with an impressive 7-inch HD display. The 2GB of RAM and 16 gigabytes of expandable storage is sufficient for seamless use. 

The Y88X comes pre-installed with DISNEY-authorized E-books and audiobooks worth over $80. You get books such as Moana and Frozen. This is the most affordable tablet on this list.

It comes with all Google features such as Gmail, and Youtube, so you can also use and enjoy this tablet with your kids. 


If you are looking for a super affordable tablet designed specifically for your children's learning and entertainment, make Dragon Touch a priority. This best kids tablet would make for a great gift!

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