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What is Digital Photo Frame and How Does It Work?
2020-09-06 14:41:05

Let me lay out the very concept behind cloud digital photo frames for you. From first sight, these frames perform the same function as traditional ones. You buy them, insert your photo, put it on the wall, table, or shelf, and enjoy the look as it garnishes your room.

However, what if I told you that digital photo frames not only display your precious moments but also breathe life into them? Like in Harry Potter movies, remember? 

Why Should You Prefer Digital Frames over Traditional Ones?

1. One frame, thousands of pictures.

High-quality cloud digital photo frames like Classic 10 FHD can automatically display up to 40,000 photos, while a usual frame shows you one single photo unless you take out and put a new one yourself.

2. No fading!

Photos in the digital frame don’t fade away in time or bleach under sunlight. And this is exactly what happens to pictures in traditional frames. They stay the same in a smart frame within years unless you break it against the wall out of anger. Don’t do it, please! 

3. New day, new me. 

When you host a party and want to create a festive mood, you can play a fun video or display a slideshow of your photos with friends. When the party's over, feel free to turn on the video of a fireplace and cozy up in the evening.

4. A perfect present.

If you decide to give a Dragon Touch digital frame as a present for your mom, granny, or wife, you’re likely to surprise them. Although photos in frames sound like a cliche, photos in digital frames are exotic. 

5. Live photos and videos.

Yep, you can easily watch your adult kids playing in the snow when they were little or swimming in the sea with your loved one when it’s freezing outside. Your memories become alive in photos if you opt for a digital frame.

Is There Something Else I Need to Know?

You see, apart from performing their primary function, i.e. displaying photos, digital frames have a bunch of other interesting options. You can use the frame as a calendar instead of spending money and paper on usual wall calendars.

If 12 GB of RAM is not enough for your needs, extend this space using the SD card or plugging in a USB drive. Your pictures will be clearly visible because of the 1280*800 resolution provided by your digital frame.

The best part of all this is that your frame can be Wi-Fi controlled. You download a special app to your phone and choose what to play next – family pics, mountains, oceans, or all in once.


If you opt for the cloud digital photo frame like Classic 10, you get a photo frame, a tablet, and a little TV – all at once. You choose what to look at today and can appreciate live videos from your life instead of motionless photos.

Moreover, a digital photo frame is the best present for your beloved relatives and friends who seem to have everything in the world. Give them a smart frame, and their jaws are sure to drop!

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