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Should I Buy a Kids Tablet for My Child?
2020-09-23 15:28:51

Buying a tablet for young children can be confusing. There are pros and cons to buying a tablet for young children, all of which are discussed here. Since there are often disputes about a child's screening time, it is important to keep your family in mind when making a decision, but this article will definitely help you make a decision.

PROS of buying a tablet for your child


I have a firm conviction that allows my children to be exposed to technology and learn how to grow and adapt to it, because, honestly, this is the world they grow up in. I feel that if I completely restrict my children's access, they will be at a disadvantage compared to the child who has been learning to work with it since the age of 2. By exposing them early, not only can they learn the basics faster, but I also have more time to set the basic rules for the screen and tell them that they are not always needed.

Reduces much property at home for those who live in a small house

When you live in a small apartment, anything that can bring so much entertainment into such a small object is a victory. Since tablets can hold everything from games and movies to books, I can reduce the "properties" in the house and keep your child entertained.

Perfect for traveling

A tablet is also very suitable for driving or going to "boring" places. When you drive in the car for 16 hours to 26 hours continuously, a tablet suitable for car use is gold.

CONS of buying your kid a tablet

Increased screen time

This is the most obvious disadvantage of buying tablets for young children. I believe there is a responsible way to manage this problem, and there are settings on many tablets that limit usage to a preset time each day. If you are monitoring usage and can control usage, that's fine.

Tantrum city when it dies.

Have you ever tried to explain battery, charging, and power to your child? If so, then you can understand the problem. Explaining to your toddler that even though he was playing with it 3 seconds ago, he can't play with it for a few hours while it is charging can be taxing.

What to keep in mind when buying a tablet for your child

Made for kids

Is the tablet you are purchasing designed for children? Will they need your help every time they want to download a different app? How much storage is there? Is it easy for them to lock and unlock? Can they make purchases? All of these questions are great to ask and know when planning to buy a tablet for your child.

Review of DragonTouch Y88X Pro Kids Tablet as a tablet for your child


They're pretty affordable

With the kid's case, it is quite indestructible

Easy for your child to hold.

Access to thousands of filtered games, apps, videos, and websites.

It comes with thousands of preinstalled child-friendly content with age filters. 

Y88X Pro Android Kids Tablet has Wi-Fi connectivity and full access to Google service


Low  memory storage 


For young children, the tablet can give them an extra layer of learning, beyond the classroom or the traditional book. Tablets provide many opportunities for young children to access content and learn more. Your choice to buy a tablet for your choice depends on some of the above mentioned pros and cons. I hope this article will help you make your best decision.

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