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How to Pick a Kid’s Tablet?
2020-09-21 15:49:05

There are tons of kid's tablets in the market. All of them make claims as being the best. Picking one for your child can be challenging, to say the least. You should consider the following things before you buy the best kid's tablet.

Safe for kids: This is one of the most important differences between kids tablets and regular adult tablets. Children's self-control and judgement are not as mature as adults, and their behavior requires some supervision from parents. A safe kids' tablet should protect children's physical and mental health from various aspects, such as providing content and apps suitable for children, allowing parents to adjust all the contents and settings according to kids' age, and protecting kids' eyes etc. A good kids tablet is like DRAGONTOUCH KidzPad Y88X kids tablet, with free DISNEY e-books and pre-installed COPPA certified KIDOZ app and Family Link app.

Parental control: You should look out for parental controls on the tablet. The iPad is great but it doesn’t cater well for children. Some tablets are COPPA certified. This means these tablets restrict children from seeing inappropriate content online. These tablets will make sure your kids download age-appropriate apps.


Price: The price is usually the deal-breaker when we want to buy a kid's smart tablet. Take the iPad for instance, it is an excellent kids playing tablet. The only problem is its high price. This will deter buyers who are on a tighter budget. 

Fortunately, there are affordable, top-notch tablets for kids that come with easy app access and COPPA certification like the DRAGONTOUCH KidzPad Y88X Kids Tablet.

You shouldn't buy low-quality tablets in a bid to cut down on price.

Protection and durability: Kids are not as careful with gadgets as adults. The protective case on a kid’s tablet is the first line of defense against damages. You also need to consider if the case will be blocking the ports. Kids need a durable tablet that will withstand occasional drops.

Therefore, you should think of choosing a good kids tablet with a protective case, like Dragon Touch newly-released Y88X 10 KidzPad kids tablet.

Screen size: The screen size on a tablet may determine how much your child will enjoy media content. A 7-inch tablet for kids should be good enough for them. If you want a larger display, a 10-inch tablet will be more than enough. The size of the tablet will affect the price.

A screen with a high resolution will make content more enjoyable for kids. You should keep this in mind.

Usage: This is also important to consider. Are you buying a tablet for a toddler or a teenager? Some tablets come with features that are tailored for a particular age group. Many tablets allow for multiple users. You can set profiles for different kids with password protection.

Access to apps: Having access to multiple apps should also be a deciding factor. Depending on the manufacturer, you may have access to a customized app store. These stores contain educative and entertaining apps for kids. The price and quality of these apps will vary from one manufacturer to another.

Battery life: Kids spend a lot of time playing games and enjoying media content. A top-rated tablet for kids should last for a substantial amount of time before dying out. 

Specifications and other features: A quality tablet should come with decent specs for good user experience. Important things to keep in mind include the processor speed and the RAM/ROM. 

Having a good processor and sufficient RAM and storage will ensure that the tablet operates smoothly. Connectivity should also be considered. A good camera should be included for taking decent photos and videos.

Other accessories like a keyboard can connect to a tablet to transform it into a writing tablet for kids. What's more, an adjustable shoulder strap means your little one can take their tablet wherever they go, and a rotatable handle for multiple viewing angles and hands-free viewing options. 


If you are in need of a great kid's tablet, we recommend the DRAGONTOUCH KidzPad Y88X, available in 7-inch and 10-inch sizes. This HD tablet comes with COPPA certified KIDOZ. This tablet is friendly to children and restricts them from viewing inappropriate content. It is a fast and powerful tablet for kids. Let your kids learn and play with the KidzPad Y88X tablet.

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