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How to Pick a Baby Monitor?
2020-09-10 04:11:33

Baby monitors are produced to help you watch your baby while they sleep, so you have a chance to watch the latest series on Television, without worrying about your children. But the problem most new parents face is how to choose the best baby monitor. In this article, you will learn the features to look out for in a good baby monitor, and steps for picking the best baby monitor.

Features to Look Out For in a Baby Monitor

Many parents are happy with a budget-only audio monitor, so you can hear your baby's gurgling or screaming. However, the new technology comes with plenty of extra features for parents who like gadgets.

1. Video - Video baby monitors are important because they will enable you to see your kid sleeping at night using infrared, through a small screen on the parent unit. DragonTouch Baby Monitor is a great choice for a baby monitor because up to 4 cameras can be supported at once. You can use other cameras in different rooms to save money, and you can monitor a second child, elderly, pet, or other people you care about at the same time. It is long distance baby monitors, with features such as remote access, so you can see your kid sleeping whether you're away from home or in the office on a computer or tablet.

2. Night Lights - Baby monitors should have built-in night lights to help your baby sleep peacefully and ensure you won't trip over the furniture in the baby's room during night feeding or diaper changes. All DragonTouch Baby Monitors come with in-built night lights.

3. Temperature - There are general rules on how warm your kid's bedroom should be to decrease the chance of SIDS, and few baby monitors show the room temperature. All DragonTouch Baby Monitors come with temperature monitoring capability.

4. Music and Lullabies - Tired of singing songs and lullabies to your baby? DragonTouch Baby Monitors will play lullabies or calming songs when the monitor is on.

5. Talk-back - Baby monitors should have talk-back functionality. DragonTouch Baby Monitors have talk-back functionality, so you can talk with your kids in their bedroom from another room in the house and help him calm down.

6. Remote Control - This allows you to control your baby monitor from a long distance. All DragonTouch Baby Monitors have remote control features that will enable you to play music and turning off the nightlight, without entering your baby’s room and disturbing them.

Steps for Picking a DragonTouch Baby Monitor

Select a baby monitor model with a frequency of 900 MegaHertz or higher. This will decrease possible interference and improve clarity.

Step 1: Go wireless. A wireless baby monitor gives you the most options for completing tasks in and out of the home. 

Step 2: Buy a baby monitor with a sound-activated light. It flashes when noise is detected, so you can keep track of your baby while you talk on the phone, vacuum, or listen to music.

Step 3: Think of a video monitor. With these baby monitors, you can know that baby is still napping peacefully. Check the image quality in insufficient low light.


The job of a monitor is to convey recognizable sound and, in the case of video models, images. A baby monitor can give you peace of mind and possibly additional safety for your baby. There are audio and video baby monitors.

We know these choices can be overwhelming, so we hope this article is helpful to you!

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