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How to Make a Tablet Kid-Friendly?
2020-09-03 09:53:48

If you've been hanging out with kids lately, you'll know that they love flat, shiny touchscreens just as much as the rest of us. This means that a son, daughter, nephew, or niece will quickly "borrow" your phone or tablet - or possibly ask for a device of their own.

Whether you're giving your phone to a toddler or sorting out a good tablet for kids, you'll need to protect the device from unhealthy content, unauthorized purchases, and more. Fortunately, it is not that difficult. Here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Put a lock on the tablet

Let's start with the quick fix. If the child you care for wants to borrow a mobile phone to play games or watch movies, you can use this quick fix. This is the so-called screen pinning, and it has been available in Android since version 5.0. First, you need:

1. To go to the "Security" menu in "Settings", and then turn on the "Screen pinning" option. Make sure to set a PIN code at the same time. This will be the same as the PIN or pattern used to unlock the device.

2. When you are done, load the app or game you want to allow access, and then tap the Square Overview navigation button to open the multitasking screen. Drag the latest application to the center of the screen, and then tap the pin icon. Then your young friend will be locked in this application until someone presses the "Overview" and "Back" buttons at the same time and enters the PIN code.

Step 2: Set Up Parental Controls in Google Play

You can restrict downloading content from the Google Play store so that children cannot purchase content without your permission. Google Play store restrictions apply to movies, music, books, and apps. To set up parental controls in Google Play:

1. Launch the Google Play app and click the menu icon in the upper left corner.

2. Scroll down and click Settings.

3. Scroll down and click on Parental Controls.

4. Set the parental control switch to the "on" position.

5. Scroll down to toggle the limits of each section. For music and books, the only option is to block adult content. Games, apps, movies, and TV use standardized age restrictions.

What is the best tablet for young kids

When buying a tablet for your child, the most important factor to consider is not the hardware specifications, such as a fast processor or gigabytes of RAM. Instead, keep in mind longer-lasting features, durability, long-term warranty, and availability of parental control. Child-friendly content that can be downloaded or pre-installed is also essential.

The best tablet for kids

1. Hands down, the DRAGONTOUCH Y88X Pro kids tablet is the best android tablet for kids you can buy. It's the tablet of choice for its tough build, 2GB RAM, 16GB Android 9.0, and a robust set of parental controls. 

2. The tablet's foam case — which comes in green, pink, or blue — protects it from drops and scratches. Most importantly, the Dragon Touch Y88X Pro kids tablet is equipped with all the new Disney content pre-installed, more smoothly, and large storage space.

Best Apps for Childproofing Your Android Device

Some applications allow you to set other restrictions, such as limiting screen time and restricting access to specific websites. For example:

1. Applock allows you to lock almost everything on your phone or tablet, including phone calls, photos, individual applications, and Google Play.

2. Screen Time Parental Control will disable access to all applications after a specified time.

3. McAfee Safe Family provides a variety of child protection tools, including website blockers.


The fear some parents may feel when they think of kids exploring inappropriate content on a tablet isn't necessarily bad, but it's something you shouldn't be too worried about. Of course, caution is always in order when using an internet-connected device, but by following our tips, you may find it easier to rest while your child is playing on their tablet.

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