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How Does a Tablet Work for kids?
2020-08-31 06:57:43

Understanding how the tablet works for kids is a little bit tricky, and that's only because they have a differing interest. A five – year – old would probably not use a tablet the same way a twenty-five-year-old would.

Hence, we must establish an understanding of what a kids tablet is and what it is being used for.

What are Kid’s tablets? 

The best kids tablets are a great way for kids to learn how computers work, as they boast their touch-screen user interfaces and often simpler operating systems. 

Kid’s tablets that quite different from your regular adult tablets. These tablets come preloaded with games, apps, music, and every other content that would keep a child entertained and engaged. The look and feels of kids’ tablets are mostly rugged and tough.

Some of the major differences between a kids tablet and the adult tablet are the uses and design. For an adult tablet, they are usually stylish with a sleek design, its major use is for sending and receiving mails, watch videos, read eBooks, and stay updated with current affairs.

While an adult tablet can have access to the internet to send and receive emails and performing other transactions, a kids tablet could also be connected to the internet, to update the tablet software, download games, and play online games.

One of the main objects of a kid tablet is to keep a child entertained, if it doesn’t do that, then it might not go down well for the kid using that tablet. Would be a problem to choose a tablet for your little one?  Just look at the Dragon Touch tablet tailored for children.

Features of the Dragon Touch Y88X Pro Kids Tablet

- Age-Appropriate Learning and Playing: you can find thousands of age-appropriate apps and games with which parents can add content to kid’s profiles, as well as content and videos with the COPPA certified KIDOZ. Built-in age filters ensure kids only accessing to filtered contents.

- Free DISNEY Must-Read for Children:  Pay one tablet to get 18 E-Books and 6 Audio Books officially authorized by DISNEY which are worth more than $80.

- Full-Function Android Tablet: Dragon Touch Y88X kids tablet features Wi-Fi connectivity and full access to Google service with all Google features such as Gmail, Youtube, etc..

- Tough Enough for Small Hands: The kid-proof case is well designed for kids 2-10, each side and edges are designed to stay slightly above from screen to protect the 7'' portable kids tablet from the occasional “oops” moment. With a built-in stand, give your little ones for viewing and typing comfort.

I’m sure that for kids 2-10, Dragon Touch Y88X kids tablet is a good learning partner, the best android tablet for gaming, best android tablet for drawing, and a great Birthday/Christmas/New Year gift.

Setting up a new Tablet for kids

1. Be sure to start on a clean slate

Unless you’re purchasing an entirely new tablet for your kids, you might want to ensure that you perform a data reset on the device. However, before doing that, you should do some back up just in case you might need some information later in the future.

2. Set up Parental Controls

Setting up parental controls on your kids' tablet, do not only mean regulating the kind of content that they have access to, even though that should be the number one priority.

However, you could also limit the amount of time spent on their device, and monitor from afar the activities that go on their device. One good parental control app we recommend is the FamiSafe.

3. Add the right accessories.

Getting the right tablet accessories for your kid's tablet will determine their overall experience with their tablet. Hence, it would be best if you looked out for the right headphones, chargers, pouch, and so on.

4. Download games and Apps

Having the tablet is only half the battle, as you will also have to deal with the kind of content they have access to.

Having your kids play games all day is not a smart move. Why don't you use the opportunity to turn your kids' tablets into an avalanche of learning and skill-building resource? Hence, Downloading the right games and app is essential.

In conclusion, kids are much more in a different world, it’s a world of possibility, and that is their reality. Nevertheless, you can help them make their potential a reality by getting our Dragon Touch tablet.

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