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How Do Digital Baby Monitors Work?
2020-09-03 07:24:25

Raising a child is not an easy task. Many sleepless nights are spent monitoring the baby, especially in the first few months. Parents need to ensure that the baby is asleep, not hungry, or overall just safe from harm. In the past, parents had to physically stay by their baby's side to make sure they're safe. Nowadays, with the advent of technology, a baby monitor camera can easily be used to make sure your child is safe and sound.

How does a baby monitor work?

Digital baby monitors work differently from analog ones. Old baby monitors used the same system as a walkie-talkie, allowing you to hear the sound of your baby crying in their room through a portable device. Digital monitors have even more features than that.

A video baby monitor produces a live feed from the camera to the device. It allows you to see your baby sleeping and see their surroundings as well. The Dragon Touch DT24 Video Baby Monitor is a great product that does this incredibly well. A dual-camera baby monitor works the same way but provides a wider field of vision.

The best audio baby monitor has an incredibly long battery life and does not need to be plugged in at all times. They're used mainly for monitoring if your baby is asleep and function similarly to a baby sleep monitor. The audio on these devices is relatively more high quality and can catch more sounds, allowing you to have a great idea of the environment where your baby is sleeping in. Moreover, an audio baby monitor can not only catch the sounds from the baby side but also be remotely controlled some sweet lullabies by the parent to lull the baby to sleep.

If you're on the go and still want to keep an eye on your baby, a long-distance baby monitor is probably the best choice. These monitors typically connect to your Wi-Fi or internet and provide a live feed of the area where it's placed. The Dragon Touch Future 1 Baby Monitor features a tablet and a downloadable app to keep an eye on your kids even when you're out. It's a great way to make sure your baby is safe even when you're at work or running errands.

Other Features

Baby monitors aren't just useful for monitoring your baby. The best night vision baby monitor can provide you a clearer image of your child's room, especially at night. The added visibility allows you to fully see what's happening around your child as they sleep. A safety first baby monitor also has added features that can help keep your child safe as well. These features include a silent alarm on your phone, motion detection, and even smoke alarms for some monitors. These added features add a layer of protection and safety so that you can rest without having to worry too much about your baby as well.


While it may be tiring to raise a kid, technology has made ways for parents to be able to do it efficiently without sacrificing their precious sleep. Through the use of baby monitors, parents are more able to keep an eye on their kids without having to stay in the same room as them. Not only does this allow for more mobility for parents, but it also allows the child to have the chance to be independent and grow within a safe and secure area.

DRAGON TOUCH baby monitors are perfect for the quality monitoring of your children as they play or sleep. These baby monitors provide great functionality, durability, and are incredibly affordable as well.

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