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Tech Gifts for Mom – Cool Mother’s Day Gifts
2021-03-19 06:39:38

We all love gadgets, and it makes sense to consider getting one for mom this mother's day. You can purchase the best gift for her depending on her hobbies and interests. For instance, an android tablet offers a larger screen than a phone and more portability than a laptop – an excellent gift for moms who read a lot. Check out our list of cool mother's day gifts to find the best one for your budget.

1. Digital Photo Frame

We know how moms love to admire pictures of their kids. Getting yours a smart picture frame will help you send new pictures to her at all times. A digital picture frame can receive your photos and immediately show them even you are far away from home.  Let's say you are having fun with your kids and take some great photos, you can send those photos to the smart photo frame at your mom's, your mom can see the photos simultaneously even she is living in another city. With about $100, you can grab one at Dragon Touch

2. Phone Grip

PopSockets have great phone grips at prices starting from $6. Your mom can add personality to her phone case with these grips. They come in different patterns, colors, and materials, making it easy to find something that matches your mom's taste. 

3. A beautiful wireless charger

Your mom would enjoy charging her Airpods, phone, and other gadgets with wireless charging battery packs and wireless chargers. There are different powerful wireless chargers with prices ranging from $32 to $123. The chargers come with space where your mom can put her jewelry, keys, wallet, and other items. They are reliable, attractive, and a great mother's day gift!

4. Electric Face Brush

An electric facial cleansing brush can also be a great mother's day gift. A face spin brush can be waterproof and has seven brush heads. Your mom can gently exfoliate, deep cleanse, and eliminate blackheads. 

5. An Android tablet 

An android tablet is a great gift for moms who want to check their emails, watch Netflix, and read on a bigger screen. You can get a great tablet with a great screen, solid performance, and strong battery life for your mom for $100 - $200 here at Dragon Touch. She'll love a device that is bigger than a phone but more portable than a laptop.

6. A hydroponic garden

We all love fresh herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, and other produce! And getting your mom a hydroponic garden is not a bad idea! You can get one at about $100. A hydroponic garden has automatic LED lights that ensure that seed pods get enough light to grow. With alerts that tell you when to plant food or add fresh water, growing fresh herbs has never been easier!

7. A mobile printer for her phone

If your mom loves taking photos, she probably also loves printing them! A mobile printer can make a great mother's day gift for her. It's affordable, easy to use, and it will help your mom produce nice prints.

8. Handbag light

Get your mom a handbag light for her to find things more easily.  A handbag light is motion-activated, which means your mom's search in her cluttered purse just got easier. It usually has a clip that enables you to attach it firmly inside her bag.

9. Smart Mug

Does your mom love drinking piping hot coffee or tea? Get her a smart mug at this mother's day, and she'll thank you so much. She'll be able to tell how much she drank from the mug and the temperature she prefers for her drinks. It's easy! 

Some smart mug can work with a mobile app syncs with the ceramic mug to display all that information. The mug also has a coaster for reheating mom's drink and keeping the temperature optimal.

10. A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses

Too much screen time can cause disrupted sleep patterns and eye strains. Blue-light-blocking glasses are a surefire way to prevent this. It doesn't matter if your mom needs prescription glasses or not, and these glasses are great for her. 

Get one for her. They're perfect for nighttime reading, and your mom will love them.

11. A smart baby monitor

A smart baby monitor is one of the best gifts for a new mom. It's high-tech, pricey, and will let new parents know when things are not going well with the baby. Both parents get to watch the baby clearly through an app. It's amazing!

12. A slim fitness tracker

We love a fitness tracker because it's a great option to keep your mom fit. Many easy-to-use fitness-focused trackers are available at about $100. It's a fun way for your mom to see her workout metrics and activity goals.

13. A Bluetooth shower speaker

If your mom does much behind-the-scenes singing, especially during bath time, you should buy her a Bluetooth shower speaker. These waterproof speakers can be compatible with all Bluetooth devices and can help alleviate mom's day-to-day stress. 

14. Dyson Supersonic hairdryer 

Its pricing may be a bit steep, but the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is worth every penny. It comes with a light and quiet custom brushless motor that generates a strong airflow through the Dyson hollow tube. Your mom will also enjoy many other luxuries, including magnetic nozzle attachments. This dryer monitors the exit temperature with sensors and can adjust to keep your mother's hair safe.

15. Smart scale

Introduce your mom to a smarter way of getting information about her health beyond weight. You can buy a Bluetooth smart scale for her this mother's day. She'll get to measure health metrics like BMI, body age, hydration, etc., in the app. And a smart scale is also good for checking healthy benchmarks, tracking changes, setting goals, and syncing other health and fitness apps.

16. Smartphone sanitizer

Kill germs lurking around your mom's phone with the powerful smartphone sanitizer compatible with even the largest smartphones. A sanitizer can come with a USB port in the back, allowing mom to charge her phone while keeping her safe from germs.

17. Vacuum Sealer

Get your mom an upgraded food saver vacuum sealer machine to help her preserve all those delicious meals. A vacuum sealer has an advanced air sealing technology that removes air from storage bags. It's a surefire way to save space and keep food fresh for a long. 


Mother's day is the best time to show your mom some love and appreciation. There are many cool gadgets out there, and you can gift her one of them. Feel free to pick any from the ones we listed above. We'd love to see your mom's face light up this mother's day!

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