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Best Tablet with USB Port
2021-03-19 12:27:07

Are you on the market for the ideal tablet that can give you the convenience of a mobile gadget that we all love coupled with a satisfactorily ample screen? You're just in the right place – join us as we pore over some of the best tablets with USB options on the market!

Why do I Need a USB Port on My Tablet Anyway?

The introduction of cloud networking made it possible for all our devices to share, transmit, and retrieve data wirelessly and remotely. It gained traction over time. Now, it is the norm for almost everyone. The USB cables will now be obsolete, and mobile phones will not need USB ports. It would be true if the entire world was moving at the same pace. The need for USB Ports is still vital as it was the first time they were introduced. Not everyone has the newest tech, and for easier transfer of data, we will have to go back to the basics that are the use of USB cables, thus cementing the need for USB cables in Tablets.

Other professions require their work to be transmitted via a USB cable. For example, for a professional photographer who needs to transfer their work from their camera to a Tablet - the USB port will be required for that transfer to occur. In instances when the connection is weak or unavailable for whatever reason, the USB port is the only way to recharge and share data across digital platforms. It is undeniable that the use of USB ports is decreasing day by day, with the increase of new technological improvements that are occurring daily. But it is not bad to have a plan B, in case anything happens.

1. Dragon Touch K10

Dragon Touch K10 is the next in-thing in the world of Android tablets. With specs to cover all the ranges of professions and activities, with apps becoming more advanced and more demanding, the K10 Tablet is the solution that all have been waiting for. With a 10.1 inch HD display screen, there is no need for zooming functions now as all will be displayed just the way you want it. The resolution of 1280*800 makes everything crystal clear than ever before. For those who are avid readers and movie lovers, it is the best thing for you.

Storage of 16GB ensures that all your apps, music, videos, books, movies, and all other stuff are safely inside your Tablet. In case you feel you need more storage for your stuff, there is a slot for a memory card that can handle up to 128 GB microSD memory cards. The lagging of applications is unknown to K10 users, with 2GB of RAM and all applications run smoothly, making your experience fantastic. New apps now come with newer capabilities that require the latest Android versions to operate. K10 has it all covered with Android 8.1 Oreo that will guarantee you won't have to use old versions of applications as newer and better versions will be incompatible.

Running on a stable MTK 64-bit Quad-Core CPU processor (1.3 GHz), gamers out there will have something to brag about. The powerful processor makes sure that the response is fast and seamless. Feeling like you want to display your work on a bigger screen? The K10 is equipped with a micro HDMI port, which makes it all possible to connect your tablet to the TV. The K10 connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, all your TV Shows are a touch away. Browsing the internet, socializing on all platforms, videos on YouTube, and all other things, which require the internet, can be easily accessed with a K10. The battery of a K10 ensures that you can do all your activities without having to worry about running out of power. With 5 hours when playing videos and 7 hours while reading, there is no need to be near the charger all time.

It is equipped with a micro USB adapter for charging and transferring data from Tablet to laptop or vice versa. For only 109.99, you get all the best wrapped in a metal-cased Dragon Touch K10, giving the user a professional look. At that price, you won't get anything better than a K10 anywhere in this universe.

2. Microsoft Surface Pro 

The best of the best Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the name. A tablet and a laptop all combined in one fine piece of work. A screen of 12.3" gives the user the display that all have been waiting for, bigger and better. Resolution of 2736x1824, nothing can compare with that. The detail and color presentation gives the user that sci-fi experience of out of this world – that's Surface Pro 4. Blue light emitted by screens has been the cause of sleep disorders and other things doctors have reported, but, for readers, that won't happen with Pro 4. Its low-glare screen ensures that a book won't be left unread just because the eyes are hurting. With Intel Iris and HD graphics, the user can create absolutely anything - imagination is your only limitation. Creating finely detailed art has never been easy - a surface pen to fine-tune all your creations to the last detail. Designers and creative artists, it is what you have been looking for all this time. Finally, now, it's here.

With storage memory of up to 256GB, memory cards are now obsolete. All your applications, movies, music, books, pictures, and everything, all in Tablet – how about that? 8GB of RAM, I don't think developers have made an application or game that can exceed that, and you know what that means? All, and I say all applications and games run smoothly and effortlessly. It feels like a dream come true for gamers. 

For professionals out there, why rush to the office or at home to type a document, create a presentation, or compile a spreadsheet when you can have a Surface Pro 4 in your hands? Equipped with Microsoft Office, all your work can be done anytime, anywhere. For any documents that require to be signed, the surface pen can do that with ease.

All this greatness compressed in a package of 1.73 pounds, that's magical. Super light, super-fast, super fantastic display, actually everything about this device is super. The average battery life hits an impressive 10 hours, with the device only needing to be charged once, and you are set for the whole day! Equipped with a 3.0 USB port, the user can connect their external storage devices to transfer data. Working like a laptop, but being a tablet, it's called a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

3. Google Pixel Slate 

For those who appreciate fine art, then Google Pixel Slate is one more device to add to your ensemble. A 12.3" molecular display makes all other displays out there seem like a joke. With 6 million pixels, not even the human eye can compete with the resolution the Slate gives to the user. The clarity it brings makes one want to redo all the other things they did before encountering the Slate.

Equipped with high-quality speakers, it makes it convenient for the family to watch a movie. For music lovers, there is no need to continuously have your headphones around to feel all those beats with a Slate in hand. With a Duo Cam lens, what you see is what you get, not a downgraded version of what is actually there. The wide-angle lens makes sure that everyone and every moment is captured in just one snap. Worried about an insufficient lighting environment that will ruin your pics? Pixel Slate has it all covered! With Pixel imprint, only the user can open their tablet. Only with a touch - that's how you quickly get inside your Slate! Worried about the latest device updates? Pixel has it all under control as it automatically updates itself with the latest security details and improvements to ensure you always have the best. With Google Assistant, you can do more, almost probably everything: one can ask questions, play music, and even control your home if it's connected.

No more late-night sleep because of the blue light effect as the night light mode ensures that when you are ready for sleep, you get your sleep. Working on a time-tight project, the Do Not Disturb mode is just for you. You won't hear nor see any notifications, which are a distraction, and you can finish your work undisturbed.

Encountering a question? Press and hold Pixelbook Pen's button, indicate the question by circling it. Not only an easy way to get answers but also a fast and smart way. 

Gentlemen and ladies know Google Pixel Slate is the IT, and you want to know why? It has a reputation to protect, and that is greatness.

4. LG G Pad II

Want a slim, portable Tablet that you can carry around with ease? The LG G Pad II is the solution for you. It is that tablet that you can use to do all your work and play afterward. Its versatility is what makes it stand out among Tabs of its size with clear distinction. Its 8" wide-angle display coupled with HD graphics ensures that you have the best in the viewing world. Be it a movie, reading a book, or streaming, the graphics make it a point that the user has a fantastic experience. Equipped with a quad-core processor, which quickens what you do, you don't have to waste lots of time waiting for the page to load or switching apps - all that is done instantly. The built-in stylus pen provides the user with a tool to make all fine adjustments on anything you are working on G Pad. 

Want to control your other devices remotely? G Pad II is the answer - the quick remote program enables the user to do that. Two applications are displayed simultaneously with Dual Window. With this feature found on G Pad, multitasking has never been this easy. On top of that, there is QSlide, which enables the user to use multiple apps simultaneously as it enables switching to be instantaneous. With rounded corners for a comfortable grip, the G Pad stays on your hands, preventing the user from being a cracked screen Tab owner. It is also equipped with a full-size USB port for all your data transfer and sharing.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 

Modern men require modern equipment. And what's more to fulfill that than a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6? The ultra-slim beast of a gadget isn't limited by what others think. It can be a Tablet and a Laptop, whichever the user wishes it to be. With a screen of 10.5", all the viewing can't be anything but just fantastic. With an AMOLED display and quad speakers, you are presented with what the 21st-century man is expected to have. What more can one want when you stream your favorite TV show or that El Classico game on a widescreen with quality sound from a Tab 6? You no longer need to go to the stadium as it brings the game to you! Equipped with a powerful Wi-Fi adapter, you can now browse seamlessly on the net. 

The S pen makes the Tab 6 revolutionary. Now, you can pause and skip music with a click of a button. It also makes taking notes a whole lot easier now. There is no need to carry a heavy notebook in your bag. For designers and artists, it is for you as you can tweak in all those finer details using the S pen. To complete itself, it magnetically attaches itself to the Tab. No worry about forgetting it behind. The powerful processor makes sure that you work and play seamlessly on Tab 6. With a project that requires multiple applications, the power of the processor allows the user to switch fast from one app to another.

12 MP rear camera for all your pics - clarity and resolution for your special moments. With a storage of 128 GB, all the data you need at any particular time can be easily stored, and the fear of running out of storage does not exist among Tab 6 users. Nothing is more frustrating than a battery low notification when doing something. Fortunately, there is a solution for that. Up to 15 hours of doing what you do best without recharging, Galaxy Tab 6 does that perfectly. It ensures that you are covered all day long.

6. Fusion5 10.6” Android Tablet PC 

Fusion5 10.6" Android Tablet, a tablet that was designed with gamers in mind. Cortex A7 CPU octa-core processor is all one needs to know that it is not a plaything. It is for playing all those hardcore heavy games and using demanding applications that will give you a hard time with ordinary Tabs. This powerful processor makes it a must that no game glitches or even flounders on the graphic end. The 10.6" display makes it harder to do anything other than to be with your tab. That is doing exactly what you want it to - ultimate performance at its best! The IPS screen also provides the clarity that can make you repeat a movie. 

The device is fitted with a 5 MP rear camera, making sure the user can take better pictures compared to other Tabs with a cost of $119.95. For storage, the user has 16 GB to store those awesome pictures without the worry of low storage. Demand for storage can increase to store all your cool stuff. That is why the Fusion5 was made with a microSD memory card slot, which supports memory cards up to 64 GB. 5 hours of battery power makes it possible to do all your activities uninterrupted. Fusion5 Tab is that tab for those who require the smooth operation of demanding applications at a low cost. Gamers, it is the budget equipment for you.

Winding UP

Ready to make your pic? Just remember, don't be carried away by the flowery specs or just the sleek design of any single product when making your choice. Rather, ask yourself what the most important feature is for you, or perhaps which feature you use the most. If it's storage, for instance, then let that be your main deciding factor because, let's face it, all these six options are awesome and unique - good luck with your selection!

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