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Best Samsung Tablet for Kids[Review]
2021-04-27 09:22:02

In the technological world of today, tablets are becoming a part of every child's life. The educative and entertainment benefits that come with tablets make them a necessity.

Samsung tablets have, yet, been a top brand for not just kids but even adults. Samsung tablets come with the best features that your child needs for their growth. Moreover, they offer both entertainment and educational age-appropriate content for your child.

Best Samsung Galaxy Tablets for Kids


Not all tablets have features that are suitable for the young audience. As we know, some pills work best for either children or adults.

Likewise, some tablets are only best for kids because of the features they contain. Thus, to choose a tablet for your child, you need to focus on the features.

#1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

It is a kid's only tablet with highly curated content to keep your child wanting to see more. This tab has a wonderful entertainment experience for young kids. Moreover, this tab comes with parental control features. The parental control features will allow you to limit the time your child spends on the tablet. It enables you to watch the screen time for your child and also watch the content they access.

The durable bumper protective case helps to protect the tablet from drops. This case will protect the tablet from bumps and accidental drops by your kids. What's more, its robust and long-lasting battery will save you from regular charging. 

The screen of the tablet is child-friendly to suit the general use of kids. The videos and games are clear and bright. Thus, it will protect your child from straining and having future eye problems. So, it's an overall high-quality and easy-to-use tablet for a safer experience.

#2. Best Large Samsung tablet for kids

A large tablet is suitable, especially for streaming and display. A large display will also ensure your child does not strain while using the tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10 tablet gives your child a fantastic, most incredible view of a corner to corner while streaming. Moreover, it comes with a 1200X1920 pixels display resolution for clear pictures. The tablet has a minimum bezel with a full view. It means the images are also enhanced to ensure the child does not strain with small images.

Its big sound is good for the entertainment of your child. The sound will fill the room with the clarity of a cinema sounds. It is an excellent feature as it means the kid must not watch closely to strain their eyes and ears.

Its Wi-Fi enabled, which means your child can search content online. The child can also watch their favorite videos online. The tablet comes with a sufficient 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. Above all, its long-lasting battery will give up to 10hrs of uninterrupted entertainment.

#3. Best Drawing Samsung Tablet for Kids

Drawing is an art every child enjoys while growing up. Apart from drawing in the books, tablets can act as drawing platforms. The tablet offers the best and innovative features to enhance your child's creativity.

Samsung Galaxy S7 offers a tremendous new and upgraded experience of entertainment. Moreover, this tablet is WI-FI enabled to enable you to stream your favorite videos. What's more, it has an impressive brightness and clarity for a beautiful view. 

This tablet offers a cinematic view at your fingertips. That's because of its large and end-to-end screen display. It comes with quad speakers, AKG tune, and Dolby Atmos surround sound. This quad-speaker produces the best entertaining sound experience.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is of high quality, made of premium material, and a fantastic look. Above all, it features a 5.1-inch front screen and a glass back. The tablet comes in three different colors to choose from for your child. Samsung Galaxy S7 also comes with a high-quality camera.

Even so, this tab is waterproof, which offers extra protection when it drops in water. So, it means that it can get rained on and not damage through the water. The expandable storage of a micro SD card slot is sufficient for your extra storage needs. Besides, its remarkable battery life of 8000 mAh will offer up to 15hours of use before the next charge.

It comes with 4GB RAM for multitasking. You can use and play many apps at the same time.

Some of the tablet's cons include its glass back that is super prone to fingerprints. Yet, that may not be a significant issue because one can wipe it. The tablet contains Gorilla Glass 4, which smashes easily. You can thus avoid damage and breaking by investing in a quality protective case.

Another con about the Samsung Galaxy S7 is its premium price. That means one can like it but cannot afford it, then that's too bad.

How to Make a Samsung Tablet Child-Friendly?

There are different ways you can make a tablet child-friendly. The reason why a tablet should make child-friendly is because of how clumsy kids are. That means you have to protect the tablet from physical damage. You can also set the tablet as child-friendly to monitor what content your child can access.

Kids-Proof a Samsung Tablet With a Case

There are many different cases you can buy or come with tablets. These cases protect the tablet from damage significantly when dropped. Kids can damage a new tablet within minutes of gifting. Thus, to avoid this, buy a protective case in advance.

Silicon protective cases are best in protecting the tablets from bumps and drops. Besides, foldable cases will ensure your child uses the tablets hands-free. As a result, it will minimize dropping and mishandling.

Some cases come with adjustable stands at the back. The stands will also enable the child to use the tablet without having to hold it. It is a protective measure against dropping and breaking.

Turn on Kids Mode on the Samsung Tablet

There are two main types of parental controls you can set on your child's Samsung tablet. These parental controls help you monitor your child's usage of the tablet. Besides, they also offer the necessary protection. You can use the kids' mode app to set up the tablet to a child-friendly mode. 

If the tablet does not come with a pre-installed kids mode app, download it from the play store. The kids' mode app helps turn on kids' mode in significant apps on your child's tablet. Well, you need to set up a profile before using the other setting. 

Here is a process for setting up a kid's mode on the Samsung tablet. 

Step 1: So, you should first set up a user profile for the child using the tablet.

  • Go to the tablet's Home screen.
  • Tap on the Settings icon.
  • Tap Users.
  • After that, tap Add user or profile.
  • Then, tap Choose restricted profile.
  • Create a password.
  • Tap Finish.

Step 2: Set up kids mode by creating a pin and entering your child's details. The details will include the child's name and birthday.

Step 3: Tap on the finish and then add the apps using the kids' mode. But, there is kids' content that is available on kids mode even without adding apps.

Step 4: After that, create a time limit for your kid. It means you have to restrict the time your child spends on the tablet.

Use Parental Control


You can use Google play to separate the tablet contents for your child. The app gives you the option to fix age limit content. Thus, the child will not access any content rated beyond the age you set. 

You can also set a pin on the app for any changes. The child can't access the app to make any changes without the pin.

Final Thoughts!

Samsung is one brand that offers a variety of options to its users. Whether it's child tablets or adult tablets, you have many to choose from their collection.

These tablets also come with great features and durability. So, you can be sure to get the best service from many of the Samsung tablets in the market.

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