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Best Polaroid Cameras for Kids at Affordable Price
2021-01-30 08:48:05

Kids love cameras, or at least most of them. They can make unforgettable mementos, whether during a holiday break or a simple hang out with the besties. So, if you have a future photographer, now could be the best time to invest in a polaroid camera. Share beautiful experience capturing special events and immediately print out the pictures.

Remember that all instant cameras are not equal. Particularly when looking for an economical product, your stern work doubles. Thus, for this reason, we've made a list of the best Polaroid cameras for kids popular in the online market.

#1. Dragon Touch InstantFun Kids Camera

Children below 11 years old would surely appreciate adding InstantFun Kids Camera in their device kits. That's because it takes photos and then prints them within minutes without the use of ink. So, you can add joy to their leisure time with the cartoon stickers and pencils included in the parcel.

The camera also features cyclical & FHD recording, automated pictures, and a lot more. Moreover, it supports a MicroSD card with a maximum storage of 32GB. Does a black and white printing color prickle your interest? Dragon Touch will let you experience the deep-rooted age.

Key Features 

◆ Dimensions: It measures 3.54 x 2.75 x 1.57 inches.

◆ Color: Pink & Blue

◆ 8MP camera

◆ Customized settings: screen saver, time photo, & more


Why Choose Dragon Touch InstantFun?

◆ Use as a gift for kids with an age range of 4 to 11 

◆ The camera is portable and has a kid-friendly design  

◆ It also makes photo printing complete, unlimited fun.

#2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Kids Camera

The Instax Mini 9 camera from Fujifilm is one of the low-priced yet robust kids' cameras you'll find across. Best suited for selfies, special occasions, and your little mini-me. Also, one thing you'll notice is the camera's lively colors. Another is the innovative, exciting features you may not find on other versions.

For instance, the attached selfie mirror provides sufficient detail to compose your best pose before clicking on the cam. What's more, it also has a built-in flash with several exposure modes, like Cloudy & Sunny.

Key Features

◆ Dimensions: Around 116 x 118.3 x 68.2 mm

◆ Photo Size: 6.2 x 4.6 cm

◆ Assorted colors (lime green, cobalt blue)

◆ Accessories bundle (selfie lens, color filters, etc.)

◆ One-year limited warranty

Why Choose Fujifilm Instax Mini 9?

◆ It comes in an attractive design 

◆ Fun, simple to use, and takes good quality sets of images 

◆ It also includes an integrated selfie mirror and close-up lens

#3. Kodak Step Camera Instant Camera

Kodak has been in the business for ages, but it still shows no signs of slowing down. However, it provides new cameras, with Kodak Step Camera Instant as one of the latest offerings. Pick your preferred photo mode and printing color. There's the traditional black-and-white, while for the modern view, use vintage sepia.

What's more, the printing paper comes with colorful crystals. Stick your adorable pictures effortlessly to scrapbooks or anywhere else with adhesive backing. Besides, you may also like its ten-second timer and optical viewfinder to add flair to your photo skills.

Key Features

◆ Color: White

◆ 10 Megapixel Image Sensor

◆ Supports 32GB storage

◆ 2 x 3 inches printing paper

◆ Zero Ink Technology

◆ 6 Picture Modes

Why Choose Kodak Step Camera?

◆ Share your photos easily and quickly 

◆ It is compact and lightweight yet robust

#4. Zink Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

The built-in Zink Printing Technology allows children to print their wacky or sweet postures in full color. Moreover, it also doesn't require any toner cartridges or ink at all. It is power-driven by a rechargeable battery, which you can charge using a micro USB port. Besides, other items you'll find in the box is a wrist strap and magnetic lens cap.

It has a lightweight and compact structure with smoothed edges. Also, there's a LED indicator positioned at the cam's top left. It alerts if the device is busy printing images or the battery is low.

Zink Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Key Features

◆ 10 Megapixel Image Sensor 

◆ 2 x 3 inches prints 

◆ Supports 32GB storage 

◆ Varied Colors (Red, Purple, Blue) 

◆ Zero Ink Technology

Why Choose Zinc Polaroid Snap Camera?

◆ Available in many delightful designs and fun colors 

◆ The compact size means easy to slip in your bag or pocket 

◆ Creates high-quality photos at your fingertips

#5. Instant Print Camera for Kids (Pink)

Owning Maidream's Instant Print Camera could be the dream of all shutterbugs, including your younger one. You might find the size not up to scratch, but let its cool features satisfy your miniature cash.

Choose from three different colors: flamingo pink, rabbit pink, and purple. Likewise, other features include printable cartoon patterns and photo frames, integrated microphone, and color filters. It's the thermal printer technology that further promotes ingenuity among children.

Key Features

◆ Dimensions: 4.92 x 1.5 x 3.54 inches 

◆ 2.4-inch IPS Screen 

◆ Weight: 8 ounces 

◆ 12 MP Image Sensor 

◆ 1080P HD Records

◆ Zero Ink Technology

◆ MicroSD 32GB storage

Why Choose Instant Print Camera?

◆ A perfect camera for 3 to 12 years old kids 

◆ Easily captures high-key images 

◆ Boasts excellent set of features

#6. Canon IVY CLIQ 2 Instant Camera

To run down our list, we have an instant camera from the prominent brand Canon. The sleek design captivates even the picky eyes. What's more, holding it feels purposeful with the rationed buttons and controls.

Shoot any image, print it immediately, and then put it anywhere, thanks to the peel and stick back. Moreover, it also contains a MicroSD card, automatic flash, and a selfie mirror. Lastly, you also get an optical viewfinder and LED flash on the front of the design.

Key Features

◆ Dimensions: Around 4.8 x 3.2 x 0.9 inches 

◆ 2 x 3 inches photo 

◆ Weight: 6.4 ounces 

◆ 20 to 50 sheet photo paper 

◆ Colors: Charcoal, Petal Pink, & Turquoise 

◆ ZINK Technology

Why Choose Canon IVY CLIQ?

◆ Sleek and compact, it can easily fit in pouches.

◆ The photo paper comes with a peel and sticky backing 

◆ It also takes the right shot quickly with the in-built automated flash & selfie mirror.


1. What Is a Polaroid Camera, and How Does It Work?

Also called instant camera, Polaroid camera is an old-fashioned name we know. You have to frame your shot and press the shutter control. After that, wait for up to thirty seconds before the image fully appears on the film. Nevertheless, some models rely on the innovative use of ZINK film for a superior thermal print-out process.

2. Do Polaroid Camera Photos Fade?

All pictures tend to fade, and those from the Polaroid camera is no exception. But, the image quality can stay the same for longer, providing you store it properly. The pictures should be clear from high moisture and heat as possible. Besides, it is better to keep them in a box or album for quick access as well.

3. What Film Should I Use With Polaroid Cameras?

It will depend on which instant camera you are using. But, you initially have to open the film door. Thus, from there, you will see the sticker that specifies the right type of film for your camera. It could be 600, SX-70, i-Type, or 8x10 (which is the largest format).

Final Thoughts

So, we believe that you relished our list of the best Polaroid cameras for kids. They can be an ideal possession for your growing toddler, who has an innate love for taking photographs. What's more, these cameras will help develop their creativity at the furthest level while keeping your pocket intact.

All these products have a sturdy design and are easy to use and setup. Besides, they are known for providing excellent image quality with striking features despite being cheap. So, go ahead and make your kiddo happy with this simple gift!

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