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Best Toddler Toy Cameras Under 100
2021-06-30 08:19:51

Toddler toy cameras are a great way to help your little one learn how to take pictures. It's also an excellent gift idea for the holidays! So check out this comprehensive review of some of the best toddler toy cameras available in the market today. 

This article will cover what makes these cameras so great. Then, it will provide you with reviews on seven different models that we recommend. Let's hope this detailed information will help you find the perfect camera for your toddler!

1. Kidicam Waterproof Kids Camera

Kidicam Waterproof Kid's Camera is a great camera choice, especially if you're looking to give your little one what they can enjoy outdoors. It has a high waterproofing rating. That means it will not get damaged with ease by water or dust! 

The camera is also very durable and is of high-impact polycarbonate material. Thus, it can withstand drops of up to four feet without breaking or cracking! 

It has a good storage capacity and can take up to 20 photos with its default settings. You can supplement this with a 16GB memory card.

Besides, it also has a built-in video recorder, so your kids can make their videos. In short, this camera will be an excellent choice for the active toddler who loves to explore and get dirty! 

The camera has an easy user interface. Children can use it without any help from adults. Besides, the manufacturer includes mounts. Use this to attach the camera to various things, like a bike helmet or stroller.

2. InstantFun2 Kids Polaroid Camera

This camera is a perfect toy for the little ones who are learning how to take pictures. The instructions on this one are straightforward. That makes it very simple for kids of all ages to use. 

It comes with both a rear and a front camera. It is great, as it allows kids to capture moments happening in front and also behind them. 

The photo printing option is a great idea. Most children will want to show their friends the pictures they take. With this one, kids can print them outright on the spot. 

The camera is of a durable material that is sure to last for many years of use. Best of all, it comes in classic colors like pink or blue, which are always popular with children!

What's more, to boost their creativity, there is a black and white photo option. The best part about this unique camera is that it has an easy on and off switch. It means that when the child decides to stop taking pictures, they can turn it off.

With 35 built-in photo frames, the child can make a custom photo album of their own. Thus, this is an excellent gift for any kid that loves taking pictures. Or those that have a passion for learning about photography!

3. Aicam Kids Camera

The Aicam Kids Camera is great for kids aged three years and up. It's easy to hold and has a good grip. Besides, the camera itself takes decent quality photos as well videos. 

It's also easy to use and has an AI capturing and broadcasting mechanism. Best of all, it's super easy to install and use. The Aicam Kids Camera is a great option for parents looking for the best toddler toy camera under 100. One that will teach them about photography while providing them with hours of fun. 

The 32MP photos come out so clear. Besides, it can create videos of 1080p. Thus, your child will love the sharing option. It includes the option to share photos and videos with friends. Moreover, they can also try options like uploading to YouTube or Facebook.

4. GoPro-type Camera for Kids

The best toddler toy cameras are the ones that resemble actual digital cameras. After all, if you're going to spend a hundred bucks on something your toddler will break or lose in an hour, why not make it as close to real-life experience as possible? 

This one is a posh design and comes with remote control. It is a high-end toy camera. Besides, it is perfect for kids who are already getting into photography. Or those with ambitious parents!

This one has the edge of being able to take video as well as still pictures. You can use it anywhere: in the backyard, at school, on vacation. 

It is waterproof until 100 feet and also has an LCD screen. Thus, it is perfect for younger kids, especially due to its easy-to-use interface. But it's not something that you'll want to use as they get older! You can adjust the angle lens to suit your need.

The camera features 4K resolution. It is one of the latest features in current cameras for kids.

5. VTech Toddler Digital Camera

VTech designs a digital camera for kids to have a real-time capture and playback of their photos. Kids can take pictures and upload them to a computer or other device via a USB cable with this camera. In addition, they can use the slide show feature for on-the-go entertainment. What's more, they can edit photos with different filters before saving them.

The LCD screen is awesome for them to see the pictures they are taking. They don't have to wait for them to save or upload. You will love that the camera comes with five games. 

In short, it is more interesting and engaging for the little ones than a camera. In addition, it works using rechargeable batteries that don't come with the package. You have to make a separate order for them. 

The collage and cartoon effects are great for the kids. The design makes it easy for them to hold on to their own without dropping or breaking the camera. It comes with a wrist strap for safety.

6. VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam

This camera is one of the best for little ones. They'll have so much fun as they take pictures, edit them. They can use their favorite stickers and stampers. It also comes with a video recorder that can capture short videos.

With an in-built microphone, your kids can have a good time making their videos. In addition, they'll get to choose from different ways of recording.

Photos are in HD, which is a great way of teaching them real-time photography skills at their age. 

Animated backgrounds are also available to make your kid's photos more entertaining. Thanks to the manufacturer, the package comes with a tripod to help them use the camera hands-free. 

Creativity and editing tools are available. It helps your child to learn cognitive skills and improve their hand-eye coordination. It's the best kids' toy camera for them to explore their creativity and have tons of fun in this one package.

It comes with a USB cable to help you connect it to your desktop computer and start editing. The wrist wrap is also there to help them self-shoot without any hassles.

The camera has a unique design for kids aged five to ten. So, there are no complicated buttons that can confuse your toddler.

7. Toddler Wearable Camera

The Ishare Kids Camera is a great choice for kids looking to take photos of friends and family. It has all the features that your little one will need. It includes an LCD screen equipped with adjustable brightness settings. So, they can see what they're shooting!

With an ergonomic design, your child can use this camera with ease. It's perfect for capturing the world around them!

The best thing about this camera is that it comes in a variety of colors. Thus, that makes it easy to match your child's favorite color or personality. Best of all, no matter what they choose, you can rest assured knowing their safety is a top priority at Ishare.

It has lovely frames that your kids can use to dress up their photos. The few fun editing tools that will make them feel like they're in control of the camera.

The flashlight function works well. It is a great way for them to learn how to use light. It comes ready to use, and the child can use the camera without needing any help from adults.

In addition, it comes with a rechargeable battery. So it is a bonus considering this saves you money in the long term!

Final Thoughts!

The best toddler toy cameras should be kids-friendly. They are the ones that can capture those moments and memories for you and your child. In addition, it is a great way to encourage your little one's development, especially fine motor skills, curiosity in nature, creativity, and so much more! 

We've compiled this list of our top seven favorite products that all fall under $100. Check them out today!

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