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Best Interactive Toy for Toddlers: Top Picks
2021-04-08 03:47:09

When babies reach 6 months of age, they begin to show more interest in what is around them, including their bodies. They start to explore and try to catch everything with their mouths or hands. They will want to reach out to everything around them and play with it. That is why, from this age on, it is important to offer them toys that allow them to explore and increase that curiosity that they are showing.

Interactive toys, for example, are a great option as they keep your baby very focused and attentive, so they will improve these cognitive traits while having fun. These new stimuli will help them to continue advancing, at we will tell you:

Now, what are the interactive toys for babies that we recommend? There are many models on the market, but not all are equally recommended. We are going to know some of the best options.

Interactive learning toys for toddlers

1. Toddlers Tablet

The advances in technology every day leave us speechless, one of these devices that have multiplied and perfected are educational tablets, an excellent option to encourage children to learn every day about various topics and new things.

Toddler Tablet is a device that, in addition to serving children to play different games, will allow them to enjoy the classic stories of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, The Ugly Duckling, and Puss in Boots. Without a doubt, it is a great option for your toddler because it also has different activities related to games, and therefore it is perfect for children to start in the world of technology and tablets.

Toddlers Tablet

2. AR Interactive Globe For Kids

Thanks to an interactive globe, your children explore the world with AR compatibility. Scan the globe using the companion app and see the magic. By placing it on a point of the earth, they discover 13 types of information on the chosen country: capital, area, language, currency, curiosities. When their journey is over, they test their knowledge with different games with over 500 questions. This interactive AR globe encourages curiosity in children by presenting geography in one game.

This globe can be scanned by - iPad 5th gen & above, iPad Air all models, iPad Pro All models, iPad Mini 2 & above, iPhone 6 & above; Android 3GB RAM and above. Also, this globe comes with fun stickers for adding more fun to your child’s learning journey.

AR Interactive Globe For Kids

3. Electronic ABC Book for Kids

 With stiff pages that are easy to flip from one page to the next, crafted from sturdy material, and colorfully designed, an interactive book is perfect for becoming the children's first educational text. 

In addition to the information contained like about the vegetables, fruits, animals, vehicles in her pages, just passing them plays children's songs that will amuse you. Similarly, on pressing the buttons, they light up to highlight numbers, shapes, and letters. Laughing, learning, and inviting children into the world of reading will be very easy for you with this amazing educational toy.

Electronic ABC Book for Kids

Interactive dog toys for toddlers

1. Remote Control Walking Robotic Dog

Children love to have pets. And the dog remains one of the favorite pets in families. If you want to give your child a toy, the robot dog is the best choice. The robot dog is an intelligent, friendly, resistant, and above all interactive toy.

A small artificial dog is ideal for children aged 5 and comes with remote control, from which you can program the actions like singing and dancing. This technological innovation gives your children a smart, funny, and cute playmate.

With its different sensory points, the robotic dog can perform all the gestures of a real dog. He is made up of high-quality plastic and can wag his tail, carry out commands: sit or roll on the ground. He knows how to be affectionate by kissing. Its battery is charged with a USB cable.

Remote Control Walking Robotic Dog

2. Electronic Interactive Stuffed Dog Toy

This cute little plush dog toy for 2 to 5-year-olds is not much different from a real puppy. Intelligent and responsive, an electronic stuffed dog understands English and can perform multiple movements. Since this is a toy, the design of the toy must be interesting. That is to say, a toy with a splendid design, colors likely captivate your child's attention.

Indeed, he can dance, walk on two legs, move forward, backward, sing, dance, and even crawl. Although it has a rechargeable battery, this robot puppy comes with its accessories. A great playmate, this stuffed interactive dog can just as easily run after its owner and become attached to people. Through buttons, it produces sound effects and blinks eyes.

Electronic Interactive Stuffed Dog Toy

3. Electronic Pet Dog Harry

For parents who want to give a robot dog to their children aged 1 to 7, Harry is the robot for you. It is a talking and above all interactive game that helps your child to learn, perform rescue missions, but also quizzes and music.

Harry is a very sensitive dog to touch. This cute and fun mini Dalmatian is recommended for children over 2 years old. Perfect for family fun, this talking and singing little dog can also play and run on any flat surface. It has sensors on the head to activate the singing and dancing options, with a little extra surprise. It runs on batteries, which are included.

Depending on which parts of his body are being stimulated, he performs different actions. You can even race your robot dog. It sings several songs, plays music, and moves thanks to the Bump N GO function.

Electronic Pet Dog

Interactive cat toys for kids

1. Interactive Companion Pets

The good thing about this companion cat as a virtual pet is that they look like real cats, and they react like real cats. A interactive cat toy responds to caresses, hugs, and even performs cat-like movements that anyone would recognize as such.

The robot kitten reacts to stimuli such as a caress on the left cheek to which it responds, in this case, with a close-up of its head to the owner's hand, so that it continues to caress it. It can also be scratched behind the head, without the danger of scratching, and it can interact not only by moving its head but also by closing its eyes or moving its muzzle and whiskers.

The more pampered and loved this robot cat feels, the calmer it will be. It has built-in sensors that allow it to respond to human movement and contact. Thanks to its soft fur, stroking it gives the sensation of being a real cat. It is capable of making movements and sounds similar to those of a cat: it meows, purrs and paws when it is happy.

Interactive Companion Pets

2. Sound Control Electronic Cat

Even more than robots, stuffed animals are what best reminds us of animals. So, why not mix the two concepts in a plush robot cat? A robotic cat that loves cuddles! An electronic animal knows how to express its mood. But above all, he cuddles when your child hugs him.

You want to create a completely real experience for your child so that they feel loved, but do not have to worry about the needs of the animal. They should simply interact with him, and report affection and happiness to each other.

Not all robots stay put. On the contrary, many of them can move around, often independently, but also at your request. This cat gives the real feel and can meow, move and even jump on touch or hand clap. Equipped with touch sensors, this adorable kitten shows her emotions as well. Finally, stroke it and listen: you will hear it purr!

Sound Control Electronic Cat

Interactive bath toys for toddlers

1. Submarine Spray Station

A fun bathing toy is a submarine that stimulates children's play and exploration as they learn cause and effect, improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. 

It adds ups the fun using a unique pumping system for circulating water, recycling it, and producing a continuous current. The diver-shaped head is ergonomically designed for little hands and is very easy to activate. The flow of water in the funnels creates a chain reaction with amazing effects! Use it to shower your little one sustainably and at a constant temperature.

Submarine Spray Station

2. Sunflower Bathtub Toys

The adorable shower has arrived to accompany the baby every day during the bath! They are made of top-quality non-toxic materials, which guarantee long-lasting and safe use. This sunflower shaped shower have attractive and bright color and their colors do not fade with water.

You just have to stick it on the bathtub, push the button and your child can enjoy the gentle shower. Kids will love these inseparable water friends even when they're older and can wind them up themselves.

Interactive gym toys for toddlers

1. Crawl and Climb Foam Play Set

To develop motor skills and offer games, gym, and activities in complete safety, this crawl and climb foam play is the best start with. You can also assemble several evolution mattresses to protect the floor and secure the children in their playroom.

We always want the best product and optimal protection indoors and outdoors for our child and these eco-friendly toys, made up of soft PU leather. Children must complete the course using their arms and legs, passing obstacles. It is a nice way to combine physical activities, fine motor skills, and play. You can accompany the child by encouraging him.

Crawl and Climb Foam Play Set

2. Climber and Slide with Interactive Musical Dashboard

The discovery of the body through gymnastics and the coordination of movements begins in early childhood. Discover sports and leisure with a bus climb slide.

This interactive activity center is an all one sports course with climbing and a collective playground. Indoor or outdoor, these games are more impressive and require a larger area of development and safety. This play park becomes games of balance, games of skill, motor games and at the same time more attractive for older children!

Climber and Slide with Interactive Musical Dashboard

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