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The Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android Tablet in 2021
2021-03-30 02:11:24

Android is the largest mobile and tablet operating system used around the world over the past years. Because of how vast it is, there are many vulnerabilities that viruses and spyware can infiltrate to harm your phone and even steal your information.

Many people use their phones as wallets in what is quickly becoming a cashless age. The very real danger of "pickpocketing" is still prevalent, but now in a digital form. To protect yourself from these dangers, using an Antivirus is the first step towards online security. Here is our list of the top 7 free antivirus apps for your android tablet:

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1. Avira

Avira is one of the best free antivirus software around. It comes with top-notch virus detection as well as a removal engine that is able to remove most known viruses. Compared to other free apps, they have a ton of features that you would only find in paid apps such as:

  • Identity Protection - Will do checks of your email address and online accounts for vulnerabilities and leaks
  • Network Scanner - Find external devices connected to your network
  • Phone locator - Track your lost phone
  • VPN - Use a fast VPN with a 100MB limit per day

Avira for Tablet

2. Avast

This is well-known antivirus software in the Android world. It has great features that are able to detect most viruses, block any incoming phishing schemes, and protect your personal information such as photos and bank details from being seen by unwanted hackers or software.

Some antivirus apps tend to slow the device down when running. You won't notice much of a lag with Avast running in the background. On top of this, you also get a feature called "Web shield" which stops you from accessing malicious websites.

Avast for Tablet

3. Bitdefender 

This is a straightforward antivirus tool with one goal in mind - protecting your device from malware. It focuses all its attention on that by constantly monitoring your device and deep-diving into all your files searching for potential malware.

In tests, Bitdefender is shown to have a protection rate of over 99%. While in use, you will not notice a drop in your device's performance and, on top of that, there won't be many pesky adverts that pop up all the time. The only downside is that the free version does not come with any other features other than antivirus protection.

Bitdefender for Tablet

4. McAfee

For the free version, McAfee offers a ton of features including anti-theft protection that can track your device easily if lost or stolen. The app itself is quite simple to navigate and includes real-time protection that is great at stopping any viruses from passing through. Its other features include:

  • Network Scanning - Scans the devices on your network for vulnerabilities
  • Device Optimization - Speed up your device with optimization features
  • CaptureCam Anti-theft - It takes a selfie picture after 3 attempts at unlocking your device

Mcafee for Android Tablet><br></p><p><br></p><h2><span style=5. Norton

Norton has been a household name for anti-virus protection for years now and with good reason. In tests, their antivirus scores have always been great at identifying and blocking most known viruses. On top of this, they also have an array of additional features which include:

  • Call protection - Block spam calls using the "call blocking"  feature
  • App Advisor - Check all apps before installation for potential vulnerabilities or problems it could cause your device
  • Network Security - Sends you an alert when you are logged into a Wi-Fi network that is not secure

Norton for Android Tablet><br></p><p><br></p><h2><span style=6. Kaspersky Internet Security

This is a no-nonsense and intuitive antivirus app that has been around for longer than a decade. It doesn't come with real-time scanning but has a great on-demand virus checker that is able to remove most viruses. 

It is also known for its great anti-theft features which allow you to lock your device remotely, clear all your data if needed, and even take a picture using the selfie camera at will. If you are a smartwatch user, then this app even comes with support for Android Wear. You can use this to run virus scans and even locate the device using the watch.

Kaspersky for Android Tablet><br></p><p><br></p><h2><span style=7. Sophos Mobile Security

Being a free antivirus software, Sophos stands out with its no-ads policy. Unlike most free apps, you won't find them popping up every time you run a scan. In previous tests, it has also scored full points in terms of virus protection which shows that it has top-notch security. On top of that, it even searches all files on your device (other than your apps) to make it even more secure.

Sophos also features a few other features in the free version:

  • Anti-theft tools - Remotely access your device and prevent data from being leaked
  • QR Scanner - Scans every QR code link before opening to save you from malicious websites
  • Call protection - This allows you to automatically block spam calls coming in

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