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Tips for Displaying Family Photos on Wall or a Table
2021-05-07 08:52:45

It seems that the imposition of digital photography on analog, roll or reel, is to blame for the fact that fewer and fewer snapshots are printed on paper and, therefore, we miss that trend of decorating with photos so much. If before we took photos from the album to decorate any corner of the house with them, why not take them from our mobile or computer to our favorite corners? Make those unforgettable moments part of the decoration of our houses.

1. Create monochrome series

By decorating with photos, you will be able to highlight the wall where you hang them through the images. In the living room, the wall of the sofa is undoubtedly the front to highlight. It is not necessary to fill the wall with a composition of framed photos: two or three photographs of the same format, which do not exceed the length of the sofa, will be enough to create a monochromatic or monothematic series.

2. On shelves or supported on the shelf

Another decorative solution to display our favorite photos is to place them on a shelf or resting on a shelf, as you can see in these photos. It has many advantages: you can change the position of the photos whenever you want and, above all, you avoid the difficult task of composing, measuring, nailing, and hanging.

3. Photos and other decorative details

These images inspire creative compositions formed, not only by photographs but also by details and accessories related to the subject of the images that will form the collage. The options are endless: family, vacations, favorite places in a city, games or hobbies, etc. Having a theme is important to avoid hanging and mixing photos randomly.

4. Fill the wall with framed photos

If you are not sure how to place the photos on the wall, what type of composition to create, it is best to do a test on the floor before starting to fill the entire wall with holes. Get sheets of white paper and cut as many squares as the photos you are going to hang; make sure they have the same shape and size as your photos. Then place them on the ground and try to form shapes until you find the ideal shape for your photo composition.

5. Hang the photos with ropes and clips

The way to expose the photos is a fundamental aspect to achieve a good decoration. Strings and clips are a good resource for setting up a photographic exhibition at home.

Hanging the photos with ropes and clips is very fashionable since it is a different idea to decorate the walls of any corner of the home. With a little imagination and originality, you can display your photos in this way to give your personal touch to the different rooms.

You can hang the photos using an unused frame or, on the other hand, you can also cascade the photos with a string and add small lights around to illuminate the photos at night.

6. The corner of your life in a photographic exhibition

The photographs immortalize the most important moments in each person's life. In addition, they also help you to remember more easily what you have lived in each moment.

Your daughter's ultrasound, your wedding photo, the first trip with your partner, an unforgettable day with your friends. There are many memories that you have lived and that you can frame throughout your life. For this reason, you can reserve a bedroom wall to create the corner of your life with a photographic exhibition of those unforgettable moments. The bedroom is the private space par excellence in the home, a room where you can enjoy a little privacy.

In this way, place all these photographs in this room so that you can take refuge in it when you feel nostalgic for the past and want to look back.

7. Photos with a symmetrical arrangement

Symmetry is a key element in the world of decoration, since, when implemented in various spaces of the home, it provides the sensation of balance and perfection. A feeling that has a positive effect on the atmosphere of the room.

In this way, if you do not want to risk the previous trends, you can bet on the symmetrical distribution of the photos on the walls. To do this, you have to develop the photos you want to frame in the same format, size, and frame to make a regular composition. Later, you have to place them on the wall symmetrically to achieve a sense of order and uniformity. This type of symmetrical composition is ideal for lovers of order and the most classic decoration.

8. Regular compositions

If you want your composition of photos to be 100% balanced and regular, frame the photos with identical moldings, of the same material and finish, and when hanging them on the wall, leave an equidistant distance between them. For the final result to look harmonious, the ideal is that the wall is of a neutral color, the photos in black and white, and the frames of the same color: black, metal or wood are good options.

9. Photos with the same theme in dynamic compositions

You can play with the frames to create contrast with the photographs using frames of different colors. You can distribute the photos geometrically, in squares or rectangles, or opt for an irregular distribution. In any case, if the pictures are the same size, try not to place them too close together and try to make them perfectly aligned. If they are different sizes, angle the larger ones first and then fill in the gaps with the smaller ones.

10. Decorate with travel memories

If you are crazy about maps and travel memorabilia, you can create your wall museum. Please with style. Avoid framing things like a string of transportation tickets and focus on what's important. Maps, plane ticket, a postcard ... If you don't do it with a little order, you may have a result that borders on the tacky.

11. Decoration with photos of plants and animals

If you love nature and the peace it brings, I am sure you are going to like this style. The truth is that it is not about photos but drawings of plants, flowers, and animals. It is no less true that the style of this composition, with a wall, painted in light green and paintings with cream-colored mat, achieves a very beautiful romantic/rustic effect.

What walls to decorate with photos?

For the photos to become the focal point of the decoration, it is important to choose a wall that stands out to the eye. If you want to decorate a wall in the living room, ideally it should be the one behind the sofa; if it is a corridor, the wall opposite where the doors are; in the bedroom, the wall of the headboard and if it is a staircase, the wall of the landing or the opposite of the railing.

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