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The Best Electronic Picture Frames for 2021
2021-06-08 03:41:07

Forget the tacky and pixelated look of other frames. Instead, think of electronic picture frames that beautify your house besides helping you to keep memories of what you love. 

Older versions often use an SD card or USB drive to upload photos. But, nowadays, some options support Wi-Fi and work with apps and email. So, let's see what's available in the market today!

How Does an Electronic Picture Frame Work?

Electronic frames are small LCD monitors created to look similar to conventional picture frames. Like other frames, you can set them up in landscape or portrait mode.

What's more, you can hang them on walls or stand them on their tables. These frames have some inbuilt memory. Others come with both inbuilt memory plus an SD card. So, it means that you can increase the capacity and storage to your preference. 

These electronic picture frames will play slide shows of the content you save on them. Thus, they are items you will love for your space or as gifts for those you love.

Top 8 Electronic Picture Frames

This section covers 8 of the best electronic picture frames. They are affordable and full of great features. 

1. Dragon Touch 10-inch WiFi Electronic Picture Frame

Dragon Touch 10-inch WiFi Electronic Picture Frame

It is aesthetical, and this adds to the beauty of your space. The frame is effortless to set up whether you are tech-savvy or not. You need to plug the frame into a power source, and it will turn on. It is usable on WIFI, and you can choose what to use.

What's more, you can use the photo frame's app to add photos to it. This frame is one of the most straightforward. You can also ask families and friends to add the photos. So, connect it to your computer or USB drive to add your photos.

It can show the time and date or add alarms if you wish. Moreover, it has location and weather settings that you can customize too. 

2. Dragon Touch 15-inch Electronic Picture Frame with Email

Dragon Touch 15-inch Electronic Picture Frame

The technology behind this electronic picture frame is what makes it as awesome as it is. As a 15" frame, this means that it can be the size of most laptop screens. Besides, you will love how responsive the touchscreen is.

To make operations more manageable, it comes with a remote. You can connect it to your phone and upload photos to the frame. And the frame has a unique email address so that you can also send photos to the frame via Email. With compatibility with 16GB memory storage, you can store more than 40000 photos. 

3. Sony 10.2-Inch Electronic Photo Frame

Sony 10.2-Inch Electronic Photo Frame

Displaying photos straight from the SD card to the electronic frame doesn't apply to all electronic frames. This one is different. The frame resizes pictures if you transfer them to its internal memory card.

Photos look sharper and brighter. Besides, options like turning the frame to 90 degrees make the frame rotate the photo. Thus, the remote comes in handy when you want a remote operation. Moreover, it can support external memory of up to 32GB. 

4. Philips 9-Inch Electronic Picture Frame

Philips 9-Inch Electronic Picture Frame

There must be cheaper electronic frames in the market that you can consider. But, this would strike anyone as a well-made design. You can add a pre-loaded memory card or connect it to your computer with a USB. But, it will depend on your convenience.

Be sure to experience minimal to no hassle. The screen is brighter, and you will love how great the pictures look. Moreover, it comes with other nifty features like a timer, clock. Even more, it can switch to display mode. But, of course, this choice may depend on the frame's position. 

5. HP 8-inch Electronic Picture Frame to Play Videos, Music

HP 8-inch Electronic Picture Frame

If you are striving for great value for money, this electronic picture frame won't disappoint. However, before using such frames, read the user manual as each model is different. In short, it ensures that you set it up and operate the frame nicely.

So far, the picture quality is fantastic. Some features are customizable, like the timer, grey section, calendar, and much more. You can save pictures to the frame's internal memory. But, you can opt to use SD cards if you'd like to go through a more extensive database. 

6. Kodak 8-inch Electronic Picture Frame

Kodak 8-inch Electronic Picture Frame

These are great-quality electronic frames and go for a reasonable price. Forget the stress you have to undergo with digital pictures or cameras. So, there will be no hooking USB cables, syncing, and all that hard work. This electronic frame performs excellent for both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy guys.

You can use it with an SD card. So, you can carry tens of thousands of photos that you can view on a single frame. It is easy to use, a good size, and a great way to keep memories of those you love.

It isn't a wireless gadget but still works well with the wired connection. Make use of the inbuilt speakers if you'd like to play videos or collage pictures with sound. 

7. Coby 7-Inch Small Electronic Photo Frame

Coby 7-Inch Small Electronic Photo Frame

It might not be a high-end device for multimedia, but its picture quality is excellent for the price. In addition, it is rich in features and offers so much functionality. In short, if you are looking for a great bargain, this is it.

You will love how attractive the wood grain on the frame is. If this is your kind of style, it will match well with your décor. Besides, it also has a remote control for trouble-free operation.

It is compatible with different memory cards like CF, SD, MS, MMC, and xD. Also, you can use flash drives or a USB to run your photos. Moreover, it can play photos in audio files, video files, and slide shows. Thanks to the inbuilt speakers, the sound is excellent. 

8. KitVision 20-inch Extra Large Electronic Photo Frame

KitVision 20-inch Extra Large Electronic Photo Frame

If you are planning to get a device that isn't as complex, this one will do. It has a user-friendly interface, and its on-screen display is clear. The transition effects are numerous, and you can play the slide shows with music in the background.


It doesn't have much internal memory. But, for fewer photos to display, 1GB will be enough. Ensure you have a US adapter to use with the UK plug. 

How to Choose an Electronic Picture Frame?

1. Type of Display

Nowadays, electronic photo frames have a stylish display. Moreover, they use virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Nest Hubs, and others. It means that operation is more manageable and is phasing out the manual operation.

Their cost isn't as high as you might think. But this will vary from one brand to the other. You need to know that it can be challenging to navigate such displays. They don't have the basicness of other offline electronic frames. 

2. Quality of the Display

Lower your expectations here as not all manufacturers are trying to be at par with the competition. Consider Full HD screens, 2K, or 4K if there are any.

Don't settle for lower resolutions, as this will lower the quality of your photos. Instead, the display should be bright yet crisp. It ensures that your photos look great and allow for decent viewing at any angle.

3. Activity Sensors

The latest versions have these sensors that detect motion via a microphone for most designs. It ensures they save power but remain functional.

Any living thing moving around in the room could trigger the sensing mechanism. Then, it turns on the frame. But, if it is your pets doing this, you will be wasting too much energy. So, instead, you could set a timer for your frame to sleep. 

4. Storage and Photo Access

Older designs or cheap options will need physical storage. These could be SD cards or USB sticks that they use to play photos. Others have internal storage but can use external sources too.

Well, if you are lucky to find those with Wifi support, the better. It means that you can access your cloud database and use it. 

Final Thoughts!

Choose an electronic picture frame with a storage capacity to have all your photos in it. Besides, if you are sensitive to style and aesthetics, match it with your space for a more exhilarating feeling.

Some of these aspects are crucial if you are looking to buy these frames once. So, choose the best electronic frame according to your taste.

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