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Best Drawing Tablets For Kids 2021
2021-03-22 11:00:43

Do your kid passionate about drawing and are you looking to capture their creations digitally? You are going in the right direction because in this article you will know the best tablets for kids to draw and go from paper to screen like a professional.

We know that the traces on paper are pure art but transferring them to a screen through a drawing tablet, it will allow you to save and share them more easily. So what are you waiting for to fall in love with your digital drawings and illustrations?

We have the answers: know which are the best tablets for drawing, their specifications, and types. Luckily you came to this article because we have that and more to tell you. We are going to explore the world of digital drawing.

1. KidzPad Y88X 7 Kids Tablet

Here I want to introduce you to the KidzPad Y88X 7 Kids Tablet which, has a 7-inch monitor capable of displaying 16.7 million colors and offering a 178º viewing angle. This will ensure that your digital creation or retouching work will look the same on-screen as it does on paper if you have to print it.

It is equipped with a 7-inch IPS screen that allows good viewing because its panel supports a view at various angles, which is very interesting. It has an active pen, which allows you to draw on the screen comfortably.

In terms of performance, this equipment has a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of ram, and a 32GB storage capacity, characteristics that make this model able to run Android 10 fluently.

It comes with a built-in webcam, a 2.0M front camera, and a 5.0M rear camera.

It has WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS interns connectivity. Also, it has several connection ports: HDMI, USB-C, audio, and a slot to insert an SD card that allows you to expand the storage capacity of the equipment.

2. Wacom Intuos S

This is one of the most innovative drawing graphics tablets from the Wacom brand. It has a high definition display of 6 inches and the brand's most pressure-sensitive pen with 4096 pressure levels.

Its screen has a 5.24-cm (6) active drawing area "with vivid colors. The combination of the drawing area and the user experience easily places it at the top of the list of the best tablets for drawing.

It has HDMI, USB 2.0 connections, and is compatible with Windows and Mac. Plus, it has a flexible screen mount so your drawing tab rotates around you.

This drawing tablet features a natural feel of the pen on the screen. It has creative software included with the ability to connect it to Android devices and make it the best tablet for drawing and coloring. Also, the pen uses electro-magnetic resonance technology(EMR) and doesn’t require charging.

3. Huion Inspiroy H1060P

In its lateral area, it incorporates 12 shortcut keys along with 16 multifunction shortcuts at the top. It does include a great rechargeable stylus with two customizable keys, capable of competing with much more expensive stylus models.

Its work area is 10 x 6.25 inches, and although it is not as compact as other tablets, it has an excellent response speed. It is a matter of preference, but that also implies that you will not need as many refills for the tip. It has 8,192 levels of pressure, four times higher than most tablets of a similar range. Its stylus works without a battery, you will not need to recharge it or change batteries, and it has excellent adaptation to inclination.

For a very competitive price compared to models that offer similar features, this graphics tablet offers a screen with Full HD resolution and excellent color representation. Also, thanks to its anti-reflective glass, it protects the view and optimizes the response time of the cursor.

4. XP-Pen Artist 22 

This digitized drawing tablet has an active drawing area of 13.54 ”x 7.62”, a high resolution of 1920 x 1080, and a pen pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels for precision. It is classified as one of the most accessible and best quality graphics tablets.

The XP-Pen Artist 22 covers all the basics you could want from a pen display: a reasonably sized drawing area, a comfortable pen with many levels of sensitivity, and a good screen.

The screen resolution of this model is HD, and the vividness of its colors is evident, so you can create very beautiful and colorful works thanks to the millions of colors it offers you. It also has a lighting option so you can modify not only the color but also the light and tone of every detail of your illustration, and the pencil is sensitive and resistant. 

It is very easy and fluid to draw with this graphic tablet, being one of the most recommended by this specialized store, and it has six shortcut keys incorporated on one side so that you can quickly resort to the tools you use most when drawing, as well as a touchpad to zoom in and out. 

It is compatible with Windows and Mac and supports Photoshop, Illustrator, CDR, and more. If you want to leap digital drawing, this tablet may be the best entry point, as it has high-quality features and a very affordable price.

5. iskn The Slate 2+ 

The idea of ISKN with Slate 2+ is to let the artist use their tools, thanks to a drawing surface of A5 (210 x 148mm). Share and export your social media creations in various formats like jpg, BMP, png, mp4, and even PSD and SVG for adobe compatibility. Use any type of paper to draw on the board, even a sketch pad (up to 7mm thick). Function to enjoy the graphic tablet to make the board compatible in all the drawings of the desktop software such as adobe, gimp, and any others. 

Use the slate connected to your device to see your drawings live, or in screen-less mode to carry it and draw everywhere thanks to its integrated battery.

A graphics tablet somewhat different from the others, because it has the same functionality as an Android tablet, but it has a screen that is sensitive enough to draw. It is ideal for making sketches, quick drawings, or any type of art that does not require the use of advanced programs such as Photoshop. Enjoy the graphic tablet mode to use the Slate with all desktop drawing programs such as Adobe Suite, gimp and many others Share your creations in and Export in various formats like PNG, JPG, MP4, PsF, and SVG.

Which Drawing Tablet is Right for Kids?

In general, there are different types of drawing tablets. Each takes a different approach to the core challenge of helping you draw on your Windows PC or Mac as if you were drawing on paper.

1. Graphics Tablets

The traditional drawing tablet features a flat, featureless surface that you draw with a stylus, with the image displayed on a computer monitor. Graphics tablets are still the most affordable drawing tablet category. Its main disadvantage is the feeling of "disconnection" between the drawing surface and the screen, although most people get used to this quickly.

2. Pen Display Tablets

Pen displays consist of a flat-screen monitor with a pressure-sensitive surface that you draw with a stylus. They don't have the disconnected feeling experienced with graphics tablets, they are more portable and cost more. However, you get a lot of cables between the screen and the computer, and the screen surfaces don't offer the 'bite' that graphics tablets do.

How to Choose Best Drawing Tablet for Kids

When buying a graphics tablet, keep the following aspects in mind.

• Graphics Tablet Compatibility

The graphics tablet drivers must be compatible with the PC to which it is to be connected.

• Drawing area

The drawing area covers the tablet's touch surface (if it supports touch operations) or the area on the tablet.

• Tablet Dimensions

The surface on which the graphics tablet rests must be stable. A desk is a good place to put it and use it. Tablets with a built-in monitor are usually large, so make sure you have plenty of room for the size of the tablet you want to buy.

If you want to know more about graphic tablets and the sizes of their monitors, do not miss the section "Make your hand movements coincide with those of the screen" in the article in the link.

• Pen pressure sensitivity

Indicates the pressure levels that the graphics tablet is capable of detecting. For example, if you have 2048 different levels, the applied pressure can only match one of the values in that range. The current standard is 4096 levels. Still, many people don't notice the difference between tablets with lower pressure levels and those with higher levels, so if drawing is just a hobby for you, you can ignore this feature.

•Screen size and resolution

Before buying a tablet PC or built-in monitor, check the size and resolution of your screen. The screen size is equal to the size of the canvas you can draw on. Resolution is the number of vertical and horizontal pixels that the screen can display. The screen is sharper the higher its resolution, regardless of its size.

• Video connections

Tablets with a built-in monitor connect to the PC with a video connection cable and a USB connector. Since these tablets are like a second monitor for the PC, it is necessary to adjust the display settings from the PC's operating system. Although some of the latest models of graphics tablets use USB Type-C cables for the video connection, it is best if your computer also has at least one free HDMI port.

• PC Specifications

Before buying a tablet PC, check its specifications, since the offered performance depends on them. Do not forget to check its dimensions and the pressure sensitivity of the pencil either.

The price of tablet PCs varies depending on their performance and capabilities. The better their specifications, the more they cost.

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