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Dog Picture Frames - Top 5 Cute Frames for Dogs and Pets
2021-01-30 08:25:22

For pet parents, their camera rolls get boring without snapshots of their furbabies. Other than displaying his impeccable pose, you are also showing off your talent in photography.

Why not take things to a new height by using cute picture frames? Capture each spectacle and put it in a frame so it will always feel like a fresh memory.

We included some of the best-selling picture frames for dogs and pets for your next store visit.

Top Trending Digital Picture Frame for Puppy 

#1. Dragon Touch Classic 10 

Update the life moments of your puppy with Dragon Touch Classic 10. You can share his sweet and silly photos through the app, email, & cloud. What's more, you can enhance your viewing experience with its auto-rotate feature and modified sleep mode.

Thanks to the frame's enormous storage capacity, you can store up to 400,000 photos of your pet. Manage your album with its USB and SD card compatibility. Moreover, the package will give you a small USB lead, stand, and a power cable together with the picture frame.

You can also play videos, view the weather, and perform transition effects. Setting it up is pretty straightforward. So, follow the on-screen instructions indicated on the OurPhoto app once downloaded.

Key Features

  Dimension: 11.4 x 8.2 x 1.5 inches

  Resolution: 1280 x 800

  Color: Black

◆  Ten inches - Wi-Fi cloud picture frame

  16GB of storage

◆  IPS touchscreen

  Auto-rotate setting

Why Choose Dragon Touch Picture Frame?

  High-definition image display 

  Simple to use and set up 

  Supports USB drive & SD card 

  Instant wireless photo sharing

Best Dog Themed Picture Frames for Pet Lovers

#2. Dog Picture Frame With Paw Print Shape 

Whether you have a dog-obsessed buddy or you consider yourself one, this frame could be an excellent lifetime keepsake. Also ideal as a bereavement or sympathy item. What's more, it is a wall-mounted type of dog picture frame made with good quality MDF wood.

It is the simple yet clean and distinct style that can wow your guest upon glancing it up. Above all, the package includes stencils to make cutting out your pet photos a total breeze. It's like doing a traditional collage but with exclusive features!

This frame's color combines light and dark wood to create a rustic, amiable look. Top it up with the frame's rectangular shape.  Moreover, it comes with an easel so you can easily display it on your tabletop.

Key Features

  Frame Size: 8 x 10 inches

◆  Weight: 8 ounces

◆  Material & Finish: Wood, Woodgrain

  Color: White & Brown

Why Choose Dog Picture Frame With Paw Print Shape? 

  Can hold multiple pictures at once

  Provides unique design

  You can use this frame as a souvenir and gift

#3. Dog and Cat Picture Frame Christmas Ornament 

Christmas is almost over, but it doesn't mean you should keep your Christmas tree until the next season arrives. Make your home decoration perfect with this picture frame from Eucatus.

You don't need hooks to hang it. The product includes a pre-laced hanging loop you can fit in the branches seamlessly. What's more, you can scatter the ornaments throughout or make them as a table centerpiece. Also counted in the package is a 5-inch-tall PVC pet house ornament with the description "I heart my cat/dog."

Affordable and cute are the best definition we can give to Dog and Cat Picture Frame Christmas Ornament. Also, you can fill the frame with an image of your friend's precious four-legged friend for an exceptional gift.

Key Features

  Weight: 2.4 ounces

  Material: Plastic

  Color: Cat-Red

  Lifetime warranty

Why Choose Dog and Cat Picture Frame?

  Built from a hard-wearing material

  Ready to display or hang

  A cute addition to your Christmas tree

  Safe for kids and pets

  A nice gift-giving

Best Dog Memorial Picture Frames

#4. GOMALL Pet Memorial Picture Frame

Your treasured pup might be gone forever, but their memories will always hold a special place in your heart. GOMALL Pet Picture Frame includes five memorial displays that keep his mementos intact. Aside from pictures, you can also add your pet's other essential souvenirs, like collars.

It is a storytelling feature that makes the frame unique compared to similar brands. Each item is stored on the card stock so you can keep all the unforgettable memories alive. Even more, the tabletop stands and wall hooks are convenient to place the frame on your desk table or wall.

The collar length has a measurement of 5.1 inches and 3.9 inches. Moreover, the black color perfectly complements most household designs. So, drop your worry about the item giving your home background an awkward look.

Key Features

  Frame Size: 9 x 9 inches

  Color: Black

  5 Card Stock Size: 8 x 8 inches

  Stands and wall hooks included

Why Choose GOMALL Picture Frame?

  Guarantees a strong and robust design

  A perfect display at your office or home

  Hassle-free displaying

#5. Personalized Pet Memory Frame

For a more customized option, consider the Personalized Pet Memory Frame. It features high-quality, durable wood, so potential break or damage is less likely to happen. What's more, each frame comes incised with the name and memorial date of your pet.

You can additionally include your preferred paw print design. Pick from eight customized quotes, including "Forever Our Friend" and "You Left Your Paw Prints Forever In Our Hearts."

Since it features Rich Red Alder Wood, it will serve your memories for years. So, by using this picture frame, your pet will indeed express its gratitude for beautifully honoring this much love. You can get a personalized card together with a bow if you want to send it as a gift.

Key Features

  Frame Size: 6 x 8 inches

  2 Photo Sizes: 4 x 6 inches & 5 x 7 inches

  Material: Rich Red Alder Wood

  Personalized Message

  8 Commemoration Quotes

Why Choose Personalized Pet Frame?

  Sturdy picture frame

  You can tailor your pet's memorial however you like

  Show off the image on the tabletop or wall


1. Are Glass Pet Picture Frames Better Than Wooden Ones?

It is all about personal liking. Glass offers easy maintenance and is known for being resistant to scratch. Besides, wooden frames are the forever classic and traditional we ever know. However, both are available in a multitude of color and design options. Hence, you can display them anywhere to complement your decorations and furniture items.

2. What Are the Different Types of Dog Picture Frames?

Dog picture frames come in sophisticated designs and polishes that can go well with any decors. So, are you looking for a photo frame to highlight your rustic home? Try a flumped layout. For a modern option, we say go for a design with a pretty shape or phrase along with the photo.

3. Can You Mix and Match Dog Picture Frames?

It is entirely okay to mix and match the frames. In short, it is specifically ideal if you want to achieve a unique character and toneless look. You can go as decorative as you want, such as adding a silver frame with a silky finish. Otherwise, capture your pet's lively personalities with some gorgeous and bright looks.

Final Thoughts

There you have it now– our best picks of the cute frames for dogs and pets! Show your four-legged friend some love and appreciation by using any of them. Besides, it will also help you remember your forever buddy. Hang it easily in your hallway, bedroom, office, or wherever you prefer. You can also send it as a lovely dog gift. Surprise someone with a frame along with a picture of his pet inside!

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