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5 Digital Photo Frame With Google Photos Support
2021-05-27 11:36:56

Our smartphones are now equipped with advanced cameras that can capture all the special moments in our lives efficiently. If you love to document your life in the form of a visual extravaganza, you must have thousands of pictures to store safely. Instead of spending money on external hard disks, you can rely on Google Photos to backup all your images and videos on the cloud. 

Google Photos has been a reliable friend for photograph lovers for the longest time. Once you activate the option to create automatic backups, you can be sure that your media files are not going anywhere. Cloud storage is also convenient because it gives you access to all your files at once from any device with an Internet connection.

Using a Digital Photo Frame

Considering how vast and nostalgic our Google Photos collections tend to be, it is always a fun idea to display them. Digital photo frames with Google Photos support will let you browse your pictures and put them up for display. You can change them whenever. Photo frames that support Google Photos can connect to the cloud service directly. The process is simple and not time-consuming at all.

Part 1: Google Photo Frame

If you want your digital photo frame to be versatile and have a plethora of different features, you can get the following smart home devices designed by Google. They will offer you a smooth and secure connection to Google Photos whenever and wherever.

Google Nest Hub Max

The Google Nest Hub Max will be the perfect addition to any smart home. It comes with a vibrant 10" HD display which doubles up as a digital photo frame when you are not using it for other entertainment purposes. Compatible with apps like Spotify and Netflix, the Nest Hub Max will give you hours of enjoyment. 

You can access Google Photos directly and select the pictures that you want to be displayed. Create live albums or let Google Assistant select good shots for you. The Recent Highlights option allows the device to display the best recent pictures automatically. The Nest Hub Max senses the ambiance of the room by scanning the colors and light and makes adjustments to ensure that the photos fit in with the decor.

Google Nest Hub (2nd gen)

The Google Nest Hub 2nd generation is a step-up from the previous edition and is now packed with a lot of features. Watch your favorite shows, listen to hit songs and display your pictures through this one device. It has a 7-inch edge-less display with HD resolution. Google can also sense the ambient brightness and make necessary color or hue adjustments. You can select the pictures from Google Photos and play them in a loop. The Ambient EQ sensor changes the screen’s brightness based on the amount of light in the room. With the Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen, you will also have the chance to schedule your picture displays.

Part 2: Digital photo frame with Google Photos support

There is nothing quite like being able to sync your Google Photos automatically to your digital photo frame. 

The following digital photo frames are compatible with Google Photos support and are excellent alternatives.

1. Nixplay frame

Nixplay has gained popularity because of its high-quality products and excellent customer service. The Nixplay digital frame is easy to set up and the FHD resolution of the screen makes the pictures appear bright and clear.  You can authorize your Google Photos via the Nixplay app in a few steps and connect your account. Now you will be able to make a customized Nixplay playlist with one of your existing Google Photos albums or with your recent photos. 

As and when you update your Google Photos albums later, your Nixplay playlist will update automatically. The Nixplay photo frame is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and it supports Bluetooth integration.

2.Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame

The Pix-Star digital frame is one of the most user-friendly digital photo frames out there, and it has received a lot of love on Amazon. Equipped with a 15-inch LED display, the frame displays your Google Photos pictures in crisp HD quality. There are several ways you can display your media, like using a pen drive or an SD card or connecting with your Google Photos account. 

You can authenticate your Google Photos account easily and get started. The frame has its own online photo management system via which you will be able to monitor all your associated apps. The best part is that you can listen to your favorite songs while looking at your curated pictures.

3.PhotoShare Smart Frame

This is the best digital photo frame on a budget. It comes with a 10-inch display, and the 1920×1080 resolution ensures that your pictures appear vivid and clear. You can buy it either in Black or Espresso. The frame has its own 8GB internal memory, where you can store a few pictures. The Google Photos integration will give you access to thousands of pictures with just a click. 

You can share about 50 pictures at a time to the frame using the PhotoShare app. You will also be able to add captions to your images. If you want add your friends and family to collaborate with you, there is an option to add them.

Why not display your memories proudly instead of restricting them to your cloud storage? Investing in a digital photo frame will let you revisit your memories and add a personal touch to your room. Plus, you get to store them easily with Google Photos, without the worry of your USB drive not working or your photos getting deleted mistakenly. 

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