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3 Smart Digital Picture Frames with App Support
2021-05-21 03:45:36

Nowadays, picture frames are getting smarter and do much more than just displaying photos. Here we will introduce 3 digital picture frames with compatible apps that allow you to upload photos and manage the picture frame just from your phone. 

Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame with OurPhoto App

Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame

The intuitive interface and touch screen make it easy for everyone to use this digital picture frame. The picture frame can be connected to Wi-Fi and receive photos in 3 ways: app, email, and USB Drive. 

Its app is named OurPhoto and available for Android(Google Play Store) and iPhone(App Store). All family members can install the app on their phones and share photos to the picture frame. Here are what you can do in this picture frame app:

OurPhoto App

  • Files: Upload photos and videos from your phone memory;

  • Photo/Video: Take a photo/video and seamlessly sync it to your Dragon Touch picture frame;

  • Messages: Check the files sharing history;

  • Devices: Add and manage picture frames on your phone. 

The digital picture frame features an HD IPS display with 1280*800 resolution, capable of display photos in HD quality. 

Dragon Touch makes a digital picture frame with app in different sizes: 8 inches, 10 inches, 15 inches, starting from $76.49.

Aura Frames with App

Aura Digital Photo Frame

Aura is another digital picture frame with app support. The Aura app lets you connect your Aura frame to Wi-Fi, share photos from your phone to the frame, and invite other members to share photos. And the app is the only way to send photos to the picture frame. 

Aura App

Unlike Dragon Touch photo frame, Aura doesn't have a touch screen. Instead, it uses a touch bar on the top to control the frame, including changing or removing photos, turning the frame off/on. For example, you can swipe forward or back on the top touch bar to change photos, hold your fingertip on the touch bar to bring up the OFF/ON menu. 

Aura digital frame is avialable in four models: Carver(10.1"), Sawyer(9.7"), Smith(9.7"), Mason(9"), starting from $179. 

Frameo Digital Photo Frame

Frameo Digital Photo Frame

This digital photo frame can work with its Frameo app, which allows you to send photos with captions from your smartphone to the connected Frameo photo frames for your families or friends to see not only how you look but also how you feel. 

Frameo App

The digital picture frame is featured with an HD IPS touchscreen, letting you control the frame via simple touches. You can choose the photos to display, adjust brightness, set it to display on full screen. Its Auto-rotate feature can display pictures in portrait or landscape orientation.

Frameo digital photo frame is available in 10.1" and 8", starting from $89.99.

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