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Changing Photo Frame - 5 Digital Picture Frames that Change Pictures
2021-05-28 08:46:43

As cameras of smartphones get better and better, we take photos every day and from time to time, we get photos that are so great that we would like to show them in the photo frame at home. With traditional picture frames, changing photos is troublesome since you first have to print out the photos you need. However, with smart digital picture frames, a picture frame that automatically changes pictures becomes possible. 

The changing photo frames below allow you to update your newest photos right from your phone as well as to automatically change photos after you have set it up. Let's see how they work. 

Dragon Touch 10-inch Changing Photo Frame

Classic 10 Digital Photo Frame

This 10-inch digital photo frame from Dragon Touch is a powerful digital photo frame that gets great value for money. It can be connected to WiFi and after that, you can send your favorite photos from your phone to the photo frame for displaying even the photo frame is not near you.

You can decide which photos to show in the photo frame, change them as much as you like. You can also turn on Slideshow mode for the photo frame to automatically change the photos. 

Its 10.1'' touch screen display with 1280*800 resolution can show pictures in vivid color and clear, crisp details. It features 16GB of memory that can hold up to 40,000 photos. 

How to change the picture on Dragon Touch 10 inch Digital Picture Frame?

  • Step 1: Send the photos you want to show to the picture frame. You can send them via an app, email, or USB drive.
  • Step 2: Go to Settings > Album Settings. You can choose whether display the photos on full screen, the frequency of changing photos, the order of the photos.

Slideshow Settings

  • Step 3: After setting it up, return to the homepage and tap the photo album you want to play. And the photo frame will display the photos as changing slideshow. 

Meural Wall Mount Changing Photo Frame 

Changing Photo Frame

This 15-inch photo frame also allows you to change photos as you like. The changing photo frame can be synced to the Photo albums on your Apple or Android phone and after that, the photo frame can receive any new photos your phone has. 

And you can organize your photos into different playlists, for example, wedding photos, newborn photos, birthday party photos and set a schedule to play a specific playlist on a special day. 

The photo frame can be placed not only on a table but also on the wall. It has a wall mount included.

It features a 1920x1080p Full HD IPS display with anti-glare and TruArt technology for display photos of exceptional quality.  

Nixplay Changing Picture Frame with Wood Effect 

Changing Photo Frame

This changing picture frame comes with wood effect, making it look like a traditional wooden frame. It can be controlled by its compatible app on your phone to receive photos and videos from photo galleries, Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram.

The best part is that the picture frame can work with Amazon Alexa so you can use your voice to ask the photo frame to change to the playlist of the photos you need. 

You can also invite families and close friends to share pictures of your frame. It is a great gift for grandparents or parents with newborn children. 

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