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Best Videos for Toddlers to Learn and Have Fun
2021-04-14 06:38:53

By the time a child is 18- to 24-month-old, they are okay to enjoy a certain amount of screen time, which should be about 1 hour a day, according to AAP(American Academy of Pediatrics).

There are many fun and educational videos for kids at the age of 3-6 on YouTube. We collect the best and most viewed learning videos for toddlers and make this list. Hopefully, it can help you to find something interesting for your little one. 

If you are concerned about the inappropriate content on the smart device, why not get your little one a kid-friendly tablet. Dragon Touch Y88X Pro Kids Tablet only offers age-appropriate content for the kids, including Disney authorized E-Books and audiobooks, videos, games, apps provided by KIDOZ which is COPPA(Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule) certified.

Toddler Learning Videos

 Learn Colors

This learning video is for toddlers to learn colors(red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, brown, purple, black, and white) with objects and games. Kids can learn how to pronounce each color, identify colors with examples of objects and seek and find games.

Learn to count

This video has several fun games for kids to learn to count. They can learn to count from 1-20 with the crocodile, recycling truck, Puppy Park, Number Zoo.  

Learn Shapes

Toddlers can learn shapes and colors with a wooden truck toy, fruits, balls, ice cream in this video. 

Learn Food Names

Toddlers love vegetables for their bright colors. This video use clips of real vegetables for kids to see each vegetable in detail and learn its name. The vegetables are cut into pieces for children to see the inside of the vegetable.

Learn Vehicles

Little kids, especially little boys love cars. This video shows kids the vehicles that they may see on the street and help them to identify the vehicles with cartoon. 

Truck Videos for Toddlers

Garbage truck videos for toddler

If your child loves garbage trucks and wants to learn about recycling, this video from Blippi is great.

Toddler train videos

To children, trains are cool and mysterious.  This video shows different trains for kids: steam trains, electric trains, diesel trains. It is perfect for kids who are into trains. 

Fire truck toddler videos

This fun 3D animated educational cartoon shows kids the different parts of a 3D fire truck and learns about how the various parts work when responding to fire rescue.

Monster truck videos for toddler

 Join this amazing adventure with Max the Glow Train, Blazin' Bill the Monster Truck, Pete the Truck and Robo-J5 the Robot to learn 2D and 3D shapes and see a real monster truck shape race! 

Toddler dancing videos

This is a compilation of songs that kids can dance along with. 

Toddler music videos

This is a video of 19 fun songs for toddlers.

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