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Best Toddler Tablets With WiFi for 2021
2021-01-30 08:40:08

Tablets have become a staple in most kid's backpacks. They provide multiple functions – being an educational gadget as the most underrated one. Thus, the rule of thumb here is to limit your child's screen time along with proper guidance. It will help encourage a safe, enjoyable browsing session.

So, are you wondering about the best toddler tablets with WiFi to surprise your little sweetheart? Our picks below are some of the favorites. What's more, they have a nice balance of sturdiness, cost-efficiency, and child-friendly features.

#1. KidzPad Y88X 7 Kids Tablet 

You'll never go wrong choosing KidsPad Y88X 7 if you're looking for a tablet that's entirely kid-friendly and inexpensive. The case is so colorful, which is a perfect fit for your toddler's fussy eyes. The apps work great for kids in mind, plus the built-in parental controls ensure they won't explore harmful content.

Above all, it automatically adjusts brightness to lessen eye strain. And regardless of which angle you choose, the screen will always look crisper. Thanks to its HD display. Y88X 7 tablet is a must-have for children who love Disney films. It can also integrate audiobooks, such as The Lion King and The Secret Garden of the Pooh.

Some exclusive apps you will find here are KIDOZ and Family Link. These two are what you will need to control what your little one can only access. Lastly, it also contains a matching strap and stylus inside the package box.

Key Features

◆ Resolution: 1024 x 600

◆ Color: Pink

◆ 32GB storage capacity

◆ Dual camera

◆ Pre-installed 20 approved Disney books

◆ Parental control setting

◆ Screen protector

◆ Resistant, innovative child-proof case

Why Choose KidzPad Y88X 7?

◆ All applications, games, videos, and websites are child-friendly

◆ There are two cameras included

◆ A quality tablet for drawing

◆ It also offers more storage space & multiple viewing angles.

◆ The setup process only requires basic knowledge

◆ Parents can filter and monitor their kid's online activities

#2. Y88X Pro Kids Tablet

The Y88X Pro tablet from Dragon Touch shares the same specs and features as Y88X 7. However, it is considered the best deal for Android users. It contains six audiobooks and eighteen e-books ready to use out of the box. So, let your kiddo enjoy browsing through thousands of filtered sites, games, and more.

You can also keep him connected to other family members and friends with the tablet's Bluetooth and WiFi feature. And while low-priced, it's still capable of giving your child the ultimate viewing experience. Widescreen movies, reduced/added brightness, extensive viewing angles – name it.

The built-in 16GB storage is enough to keep his curious mind active. Besides, you can also save numerous songs, pictures, films, and e-books, to name a few. As for the design, the tablet comes in a sturdy case to protect itself from occasional accidental falls.

Key Features

◆ Resolution: 1024 x 600

◆ Color: Blue & Pink

◆ 16GB storage capacity

◆ Dual Camera

◆ GMS & COPPA Certified

Why Choose Y88X Pro?

◆ Excellent value for the money

◆ It has a relatively easy setup process.

◆ Your child can use it as a drawing tablet.

◆ There's an in-built stand for improved comfort.

◆ Ideal for 2 to 10 years old

#3. Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet 

If you're willing to place a bit more cash on a tablet, HD 10 is a good starting point. Enjoy watching films and playing favorite games with the crisp IPS screen display. Above all, the design will give you a giant rubber bumper as an optimal protector against scratch and damage.

It is best suited to impatient kids. The WiFi connectivity is so robust that they won't even complain, plus the battery could last for 12 hours. Nevertheless, it has twenty percent better battery life and thirty percent quicker than comparable products.

A bigger screen is better, and this kids edition tablet from Amazon never disappoints. The device also includes an easy to navigate parental controls and thousands of kid-authorized books, apps, and games. What's more, you also get access to free Amazon Freetime Unlimited upon purchase, along with USB-C charging and a 9W power adapter.

Key Features

◆ Dimension: 292 x 206 x 26 mm

◆ Resolution: 1920 x 1200

◆ Weight: 778 g

◆ Color: Blue, Pink, & Purple

◆ 2MP front and rear camera

◆ 10.1 inches screen size

◆ 32GB storage capacity

◆ Comprehensive parental controls

◆ 2-year product warranty

Why Choose Amazon Fire HD?

◆ It comes in a sturdy case.

◆ Choose from thousands of apps while ensuring a safe browse

◆ Guarantees bulky storage option and long-lasting battery life

◆ Available in different bright colors

#4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition (2019)

Sometimes, smaller is cuter. So, forget that fancy model with a super large screen and less appealing features. That's because you can replace it with the Tab A Kids Edition tablet offered by Samsung. What's more, the curated assortment of apps means there is room for different ages –  ready to tickle and educate their innocent minds.

If you're familiar with Samsung Galaxy Tab A8's features and performance, then using this tablet is a no-brainer. Well, except for the colorful rubberized bumper case. In short, your little one will appreciate its visually appealing, kid-friendly interface and long battery life (13 hours).

The HD resolution is perfect for book reading and movie binges. It also has Google Play Store aboard to install the Samsung Kids library and social media apps. Moreover, other highpoints of this tablet include a 2.0 GHz processor and inflatable memory.

Key Features

◆ Resolution: 1280 x 800

◆ Screen size: 8 inches

◆ Color: Green

◆ 32GB storage capacity

◆ 2GB of RAM

◆ Ultra-customizable, broad parental controls

Why Choose Samsung Galaxy Tab A?

◆ The tablet comes with a rugged, sturdy bumper case 

◆ Provides nonstop entertainment with its lengthy battery life

◆ A cost-effective, safe, and secure entry-level tablet for toddlers

◆ You can also get a three-month free Samsung Kids trial


1. Are Tablets Safe for Toddlers?

Yes, tablets are generally safe for young children as long as you supervise their use. When used in a quality way, it can promote your child's social and mental development. That's because you allow his mind to stir, wander, and learn in a fun manner. What's more, it serves as a groundwork for developing his technology skills. While for busy parents, a tablet can make kids quiet and occupied for hours.

2. What Age Is Appropriate for a Tablet?

Most tablets these days are rich in educational content, aside from film and game apps. That's why some recommend introducing a tablet once children reach the minimum age, which is two years old. Thus, they can significantly benefit from the device's informative features. Just make sure the installed apps are suitable for his age and growth. It could be integrated activities, educational games, or other relevant apps.

3. How Do I Kid-Proof the Tablet?

Tablets can be a friendly device. But with less management, its content could pose your child with harmful articles, unauthorized acquisitions, or potential threats. Thus, one surefire way to kid-proof the tablet is by activating the parental control function. It enables you to set the age limit for music, games, movies, etc. As a result, you can make all content kid-focused.

Final Thoughts

So, these toddler tablets can be an excellent investment to entertain and teach your child some fundamental learning. Moreover, they can also be an essential travel item that will make him busy while on the road. What you only need is a small carry bag to fit them!

They cover everything you would need for a tablet – advanced features, good battery life, and inclusive parental controls. Above all, they are among the best gifts you can give without going broke. Regardless of which you choose, it can suit a range of budgets.

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