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Baby Picture Frame | Baby Boy & Girl Picture Frames
2021-06-10 11:32:49

There is no better Christmas gift than the arrival of a baby and as the stork is an expert in giving unforgettable moments for the baby, her Moms, and Dads, what better way than to give them a photo frame so that they can capture their baby’s memories!

We love it because it is a very emotional gift. All moms and dads love to keep the first memories of the baby, from their first Christmas to them to become a year old baby. And one idea that we love is that we can save and capture the memories in these photo frames. Let’s take a look at the list of the best baby picture frame.

1. Pink First-Year Baby Photo Frame for Girls

Pink First-Year Baby Photo Frame for Girls

The clean and contemporary design of the keepsake photo frame decor makes it suitable for any room, ranging from entryways to living rooms. The attached brackets and easel back allow you to hang this beautiful pink photo frame on a wall or place it on any flat surface, such as a table or shelf. The photo frame measures 16 x 8 x 1 inch each photo slot 1.8 x 1.8 inches in size. This Pink first-year photo frame includes a baby frame with slots for 12 pictures of your baby in his first year - one for each month.

This beautiful baby keepsake photo frame is made of a high-quality plexiglass front which makes it an excellent gift for baby showers, mothers sprinkles, or just as a gift for newborn babies.

2. Pearhead First-Year Baby Photo Frame

 Pearhead First-Year Baby Photo Frame

This photo frame for babies comes with one large frame(9.525cm W x 9.525cm H) and 12 small frames (3.81cm W x 3.81cm H) so that you can keep your little one’s first-year memories in each frame every month in these small circular frames, you have everything you need to be able to decorate your little one’s first-year memories using an easel and sawtooth hanger.

It has a central part for a photo and twelve smaller holes arranged around it like a clock. It comes with a very beautiful frame made up of wood with standard glass and wherever you put it it will decorate a fond memory, and for a lifetime.

The dimensions are 0.75 x 10.13 x 12.13 inches. An ideal size to decorate the part that you like the most, although the ideal place is the baby's room.

3. Cupcake & Cartwheels First-Year Baby Photo Frame

Cupcake & Cartwheels First-Year Baby Photo Frame

This first-year photo frame from Cupcake & Cartwheels with cute photo stickers allows you to concentrate in one place a photo for each month of your first year of life instead of having twelve photos scattered throughout the house, which you can also have if you like. It is perfect to leave a different photo of each month of your first year in the world with this photo frame dimensions 1" D x 18" Sq.

You have to remember to take a photo of it every month, although it will not be difficult if you are one of those parents who is all day with the camera behind the little one. You will be surprised to see how your baby grows over the months. It is especially during the first year of life that her image undergoes a radical change.

4. 12 Month Baby Picture Frame with Foot Printing

12 Month Baby Picture Frame with Foot Printing

Superior gift for the newborn, choose this fingerprint and footprint kit to record the precious memory of the newborn and cherish every month of the baby’s first year. Best choice for baby shower gifts, baby gifts, and birthday gifts. This 006 Baby Keepsake exquisite hand and footprint photo frame has 12 frames measures 4.5x6cm each. Come with the baby-safe ink pad. Exquisite decoration, sturdy and stable wooden support frame on the back of the photo frame, makes it convenient to place on the table, also can be hung on the wall as a perfect home decoration.

Safe and eco-friendly, made of eco-friendly wood, 100% non-toxic, odorless and natural, safe for children. Help preserve the memorable moment for you and your baby angel. Easy to color and make clear handprints or footprints, no discoloration, can be kept for a long time.

5. 12 Month Baby Collage Photo Frame

12 Month Baby Collage Photo Frame

To hang or stand, proudly display the KMAKII Collage Photo Frame on any wall with the included hook for easy wall mounting, or easily place it on a table or shelf with an easel. Perfect baby keepsake photo frame, show a special photo of your little one from one month to one year old, and add a baby's first birthday photo to cherish for years to come. Made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly plastic, the structure is exquisite and durable. Great decoration for your home and would also make a great gift for a newborn. Excellent decoration for the bedroom or the home or the office.

Frame size 17"w x 9.5"h x 0.56"d. Photo size, 1.25" x 1.75”(for 12 photos) and 4" x 6" (for 1 photo). The exquisite souvenir photo frame is a thoughtful gift for a baby's first birthday, a christening gift, or a creative gift for new parents. Every baby deserves this KMAKII Collage Photo Frame to record the first year that grows in her life.

6. Baby Ultrasound Picture Frame

Ultrasound Picture Frame

To always have the baby's ultrasound in perfect condition, this is one of the best mummy bump design photo frames you will find on the market. Especially because it will allow you to always have your baby’s memories of when he/she was on your tummy, since it will grow quickly with nothing to prevent it, and you can keep its ultrasound as a precious memory.

It offers great quality as this unique mommy bump design is the perfect gift for the expecting mom or new mom. Its design is very elegant to have in any part of your home, and it has a high quality of resin. In addition, it has a practical space to place ultrasound photographs of your baby, and thus have a physical reminder of how small it was.

7. Baby Sonogram Picture Frame

Baby Sonogram Picture Frame

If you are looking for a high-quality baby photo frame at a very reasonable price, this will undoubtedly be one of the best you will find from the IHEIPYE Store. It offers you the possibility to record your little one's sonogram photos on the frame featuring "1st trimester", "2nd trimester," and "3rd trimester”.

In addition, it is made entirely of wood with the dimension of 16.25 x 0.75 x 6.75 inches, to ensure the durability of the frame, and the cover is made of high-density material so that it can fully protect your little one's sonogram photo. It is a perfect design to give as a gift as it can hold 3 photos measuring 4" x 3", being a perfect model for a baby shower. If you are looking to dazzle and surprise your best friend, this is the gift to do it. This sonogram photo frame is the perfect gift that your friend will use and cherish throughout their life.

8. Baby Girl Picture Frame

Baby Girl Picture Frame

A Photo frame from DEMDACO in metal with a plastic back with elegant details of princess crown and rhinestones. The frame is made from all enamel with high transparency safety glass which is easy to clean and maintain, and they don't get scratched or dull over time.

Perfect as a gift idea for your princess as this photo frame can hold 4 x 6 portrait photos. Modern metal decoration for the home, whether it is the living room, the bedroom, or the little girl's bedroom, the clean and modern design together with approx 6 x 8 inches measurement.

9. Baby Handprint & Footprint Picture Frame Kit

Baby Handprint & Footprint Picture Frame Kit

Easy to perform, no extra steps, no additional materials, all in the kit, recommended age 03 years (if only hand and footmarks are recorded). The most beautiful gift, the newborn picture frame, this Co Little Baby Handprint & Footprint Kit is a gift for the new mother, help catch the baby in the moment of her life, the perfect gift for a birthday. Safety material, odorless, non-toxic, safe for children, creating precious memories for children.

Permanently capturing their perfect little feet and hands-on 100% baby safe clay, before you know it, your little angel will go to college to help cherish those special memories by leaving lasting marks on their little fingers and toes. Create precious memory, put your little footprint little cutie, and handprint in this durable wood sealed photo frame with anti-mold paint, and record your baby's growing process, you won't miss every precious moment of magical life.

10. Baby's first Christmas picture frame

Baby's first Christmas picture frame

Baby's first Christmas with the family? Everyone to take pictures of the baby and the family!! For baby's first Christmas gift, give this beautiful photo frame from Fine Photo Gifts which can be hung and could be placed on a table or shelf. This Christmas photo frame is perfect to showcase the photo of Baby's first Christmas with changing lights on the corner and remember it forever!

The decorative photo frame holds one photo of 5" x 7”(vertically) and an angel, Christmas tree, baby blocks with text "BABY'S FIRST CHRISTMAS", teddy bear, gifts, and 5 lights on the border which will brighten the photo frame and will give Christmas feel.

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