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The Best Smart Photo Frames of 2021
2021-01-22 02:32:36

We all have our precious memories – from fun snapshots to an enthralling occasion. Thus, choosing which to display on your wall is a battle between mood and affection. Thanks to these smart photo frames! Now, you can save your pocket from buying a myriad of traditional picture frames.

We raked through different e-commerce platforms to give you the best products. So, be sure you pick the right smart photo frame from the below list.

What Does Smart Photo Frame Mean?

Imagine having a collection of your warm memories all at once without digging through your phone. Smart photo fame is nothing but a screen that displays image slideshows through internet access. What's more, many models show photos and videos right on the frame.

It is a crafty radical invention you can use to stay in touch with a distant family. Otherwise, you can also consider having a smart photo frame as a lovely gift for your tech-savvy buddy.

Top 5 Smart Photo Frames You Can Buy

The below products lead the market for their top-notch quality, friendly cost, and ease of use.

1. Dragon Touch Digital Frame

The Dragon Touch brand features four photo frames: Modern 10, Classic 8, Classic 15, & Classic 10 as the most popular. 

The Dragon Touch digital photo frames let you have more ways to transfer photos. First of all, use the OurPhoto app, choose the pictures you want, and the smart photo frame will show them. Likewise, another is to send your photos to the frame via its unique email address that will be given to you. You can watch images and videos (30-second duration) as long as you want. Besides, you can also view the pictures alone or include them in a slideshow.

Even more, there's an auto on/off feature, sleep mode, and alarm function. And there are many transition effects you can choose from. Moreover, you can store over 400,000 clips into a Dragon Touch picture frame thanks to its large storage capacity. It includes a stand and wall mount hole for easier installation.

Key Features

Dimension: 16.6 x 10.1 x 2.4 inches

Resolution: 1280 x 800

16GB built-in storage

Touchscreen interface

Wi-Fi cloud connectivity

Supports USB and SD cards

Why Choose Dragon Touch Digital Frame?

Fantastic display


Multiple functions

Extremely easy to use

Efficient connectivity

Great storage

Offers numerous offline and online uploads

2. Facebook Portal

If you are looking for the best smart photo frame that also includes a feature of video calling, Facebook Portal may satiate your interest. Its 10" screen display is magnificent. It can display your favorite portraits from platforms like Instagram and Facebook. So, if you own any of these accounts, it's time to vaunt what you have with its crisp images!

But it is not your ordinary photo frame. That's because you can also use it to video chat with your family either on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. So, take advantage of its crystal-clear 13MP camera and microphone. It can cover up to 114 degrees of vision ground.

However, there is no internal storage, unlike some other frames we have on this list. Though you can quickly transfer photos using the traditional SD card or USB drive. To make your experience more fun, Alexa can feed you helpful or amusing information.

Key Features

Dimension: 10.2 x 7 x 0.8 inches

Resolution: 1280 x 900

Alexa integration

Why Choose Facebook Portal?

HD photo frame

Gorgeous design

High resolution

Touchscreen capability

Create video calls

3. Google Nest Hub Max 

Fond of storing photos in Google Photos? Then, we're sure you will love the unique features of this smart photo frame. It will assist you in creating a handful of slideshows and live albums. But this is just the beginning!

With Nest Hub Max, you can also play music, browse the internet, and play interactive games. What's more, you can also schedule important events and control compatible smart systems. So, think of it as a version of Google Assistant, but with added striking features. Talking about the variations, well, you can choose between a 7-inch and 10-inch screen display.

This frame makes use of the camera to let you perform gesture controls, although limited. For instance, you merely need to lift your palm on the screen when you want to pause or resume a video.

Key Features

Resolution: 1024 x 600

Wi-Fi enabled

Built-in Google Assistant

Why Choose Google Nest Hub Max?

A multifunction digital photo frame

Ideal for sharing videos and pictures

Compact, neat design

Good speakers

Complements any shelves and desks


4. Amazon Echo Show 5

Lastly, we are rounding our list with a compact, inexpensive digital photo frame from Amazon. It features the Alexa voice assistant. This frame can load images from Facebook or the photo service of Amazon. Besides, Echo Show 5 also features a convenient alarm clock and enables you to start a video chat.

Its 5-inch screen display might disappoint you, but don't settle for this shortcoming. That's because this compact photo frame is rich in notable features. Besides, this frame gives you control of everything with a touch. We can say it is not quite as good as Facebook Portal nor Google's Hub Max. Still, it can be a compelling addition to your desk or nightstand.

Above all, setting it up won't sweat you out. You will have to provide your Wi-Fi password and sign in to your Amazon account. When connected, enjoy using the touchscreen or Alexa's voice commands.

Key Features

Dimension: 3.3 x 5.8 x 3.2 inches 

Resolution: 960 x 480 

WikiHow integration 

Touchscreen controls 

Why Choose Amazon Echo Show 5?

Great photo displays

Compact size

Includes physical shutter

Easily connect to compatible smart home devices


5. Photoshare Smart Frame

Photoshare comes in three fantastic models. It includes Brookstone, Simply Smart Home, and their latest launch Disney. Each frame comes with a unique email address and frame ID to enjoy its perquisites. Besides, you can send pictures to 10 frames simultaneously – around 50 photos! Whether from your mobile phone or via a linked account, photo sharing has never been this much convenient.

Transferring is made easier, thanks to SD card and USB ports. What's more, you can even recall happy life events with its built-in video and audio player. Also, the 8GB storage allows you to keep 5,000 pictures, which you can access anywhere. You can also include a calendar, an on-screen lock, and captions.

Key Features

Dimension: 15.35 x 10.9 x 2.5 inches

Resolution: 1080p

Colors: Espresso & black matte 

8GB internal storage 

Wi-Fi connectivity 

Auto-rotate & auto-dim 

Works with USB sticks and SD cards 

Why Choose Photoshare Smart Frame?

Good looking design

Wireless, trouble-free photo sharing

No technical or related skills required to set it up and use

Wall mountable & freestanding

Serves two-fold purpose


1. What Is the Best Way to Use a Smart Photo Frame?

Besides hanging photo frames in your bedroom or lounge, you can make the most out of these elegant frames. Smart photo frames let you enjoy viewing the latest pictures of your loved ones and friends. Why not share your beautiful experience in the city with a few dabs of your finger on the screen? Smart photo frames also make a great addition to parties, weddings, and other special events.

2. Can You Keep the Smart Photo Frames ON All the Time?

Absolutely, yes. It can display multiple or identical pictures incessantly for countless hours without causing screen damage. Moreover, you don't need a permanent location to fix a smart photo frame. Place the photo frame beside your bed, on your office table, or anywhere.

3. Can You Play Videos on a Smart Photo Frame?

Most smart photo frames feature a built-in stereo speaker, so yes, you can play video files (generally MPEGs). Thus, start storing short clips of scenes and videos on your memory card and let this technology do its thing. For a cool alternative, you can also mix videos and pictures in one slideshow.

Final Thoughts

Finally, having any of these smart photo frames is an easy way to highlight our loved ones or specific events. Check through images as you like in a full resolution or play your favorite videos. They come at a reasonable price and are convenient to use. Unlike many photo-sharing websites, smart photo frames give you full control of the photos without passing your private information to third-parties. So, go ahead and choose your favorite frame from the above list.

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