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Top 10 Large Digital Photo Frames 
2020-10-09 03:09:06

The main reason why people had doubts about moving from traditional photo frames to digital photo frames was that the latter was somewhat really small. The good news is if the size is the main reason for your skepticism, then you would be glad to know that there are dozens of large digital picture frames now available on the market!

Imagine all the things you love about digital photo frames, but this time in a large or even extra-large digital picture frame! In this article, we are going to look at the 10 best large digital picture frames

MRQ 15.6

This mammoth 15.6-inch display is a dream come true. MRQ 15.6  has a huge display that supports 1080p resolution, ensuring that you get the best display any frame can offer. The size and the picture quality are a perfect combination. To top it off, this extra-large digital picture frame comes with a kickstand to ensure that you position it perfectly. If you want to have it on the wall, it comes with a wall bracket, ensuring that this marvel of a large digital photo frame can easily be mounted on any wall surface.

MRQ15.6 does not come with Wi-Fi. In a world where Wi-Fi capability is everything, this might be a cause of concern. 

Feelcare HN-DPFN1560

This large digital picture frame is a standard budget frame with some pretty cool features. Feelcare is one of the few large digital picture frames that allow you to caption your photos. With a huge display that provides touch screen control and a 1080p resolution, the quality of your photo previews is one thing you will not need to worry about. The low price is another thing that makes purchasing this frame a wholesome deal.

This photo frame cannot send videos and can also just upload a minimum of ten photos. These two factors kind of dampen down the whole product, but if you look past them, Feelcare HN-DPFN1560 is a pretty good digital picture frame.

Micca Neo 

Micca Neo is another budget-conscious frame that provides premium features for a good price. Besides boasting of a crystalline display and power scheduling capabilities, Micca Neo has some tech niceties like MP3 playback and a headphone jack. Micca Neo is not just an extra-large digital picture frame, rather it is a complete multimedia package. The minimalist kickstand also makes it space-efficient.

The one thing that is missing from Micca Neo is Wi-Fi. A large Wi-Fi digital photo frame with all the Micca Neo features would be nothing but perfect.

Nixplay Seed Wave

Nixplay Seed Wave incorporates a sleek aesthetic design with a modern and vividly advanced HD display to bring to the fore one of the best large photo frames on the market. Nixplay has a speaker, and, to top it off, Wi-Fi capabilities. Wi-Fi means you can control your large photo frame from absolutely anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. If you are not really digging the Wi-Fi feature, you can always use the remote infrared controls.

Nixplay is quite expensive and does not come with a wall mounting bracket. You might need to spend a little extra to get your frame on the wall. 

Dragon Touch Classic 10 

It is not the biggest frame on the list, but when it comes to value for money, Dragon Touch Classic 10 comes with a 10.1-inch touchscreen display. Dragon Touch Classic 10 frame comes with a USB port and plenty of storage. The fact that it can connect to the internet is also another huge pro and a reason to buy it.  The generic, simple, no-frills design is catchy and adds that value to the photos you will display on the frame.

Meural Canvas

Meural Canvas is a premium digital photo frame, and the price is a true testimony of the quality it exhibits. With automatic brightness adjustment and a huge touch screen display, Meural Canvas is one of the best frames on the market.

Meural Canvas II

Like the predecessor, Meural Canvas II is an expensive decent large digital photo frame. With Wi-Fi capabilities and a huge display that rotates automatically, Meural Canvas II is quite a gem. The price is quite a turn-off, though.

Nix Lux

Nix Lux frame is large and comes with an aesthetic design (in both metal faux and wood). This digital photo frame is quite easy to set up and is a blessing for everyone that is not tech-savvy. Nix Lux also plays videos but does not support Wi-Fi.

Nix Advance

Nix advance is another budget frame that doesn't offer anything less in terms of quality. With a built-in stereo speakers, a mammoth display, and a headphone jack, Nix Advance outdoes itself. The plastic frame is a little bit of a turn-off, and the inability to connect via Wi-Fi is also another one of the frame's cons. 

Pixal Pix-Stars 

Unlike most of the large digital frames on the list, Pixal also offers a Callender and comes with preloaded games for your kids. These are quite some innovative features. Pixal also connects to the internet, allowing you to easily communicate with the device.

Large digital photo frames add emotional warmth to your living area. There's no denying their allure. Besides, the beauty of it is that they can easily blend with any interior décor and be customized to suit particular tastes and preferences. Find the one that grabs your attention the most and transform your home with these amazing modern frames!

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