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  • Dragon Touch Y88X Plus 7'' Google Android 4.4.4 Quad Core 8 GB Dual Camera Sky Blue

Dragon Touch Y88X Plus 7'' Google Android 4.4.4 Quad Core 8 GB Dual Camera Sky Blue


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Product Description


Dragon Touch Y88X Plus 7'' Google Android 4.4.4 Quad Core 8 GB Dual Camera Sky Blue

An Enhanced Version

Following the Y88 and Y88X model, here comes the 3rd Generation, Y88X Plus. This tablet equips with 
new features like IPS display, Bluetooth, and higher megapixel camera, making sharing and communication 
a breeze. Additionally, there are new gorgeous colors for your choice.

Massive Power in Slim Body

Dragon Touch Y88X Plus tablet runs on a Quad Core CPU to ensure a remarkably smooth multi-tasking operation. You 
can always be one step ahead than others. And the IPS display makes the contents springs onto the tablet,
bringing you crystal clear and vivid images with richer colors and greater contrast.

Innumerable Apps, Inexhaustible Enjoyments

Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi and Google Play Store, you are exposed to a world of fun and possibility. 
Whenever you want to express yourself, just connect and share; whenever an idea occurs, an app is there to 
capture and animate it in an efficient and joyous way. This tablet can be a partner, a teacher, a library, and more.

Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Specification:

--Google Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)
--7'' IPS Screen 1024x600 HD
--Quad Core 4 x 1.3 Ghz
--8 GB storage, 512MB RAM
--Dual Camera, 2.0MP rear
--Wireless N (802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth

What's in the Box:

--Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Tablet
--AC Adapter
--USB Cable
--User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews 10 item(s)

J. Ridgway
  • Great little tablet!
  • I got this tablet for my 73 year old husband to finally learn how to use computers. It's working it's magic. Step by step he's enjoying learning. It's about time. There is something non-threatening about the Dragon Touch.
  • 8/22/2016

J. Newton
  • I am SO IMPRESSED !!!! AWESOME BUY !!!!!
  • Ok, this is a great affordable product. I was very impressed with the quality of the product compared to other major bands on the market. I purchased this for my 9 year old niece and I am SO HAPPY !!! with the product and what it can do for the value price that it is. Simply stated, I would recommend this product to buy.
  • 8/22/2016

  • Great so far !
  • I've had my tablet for about 24 hours now. So far it has been excellent. The browser is fast and efficient. Navigating is quick and easy to pick up on. So far I've used my tablet for an hour or more and my 100 % hasn't gone down a single percent. I've seen many reviews saying battery is awful but so far so good on mine ! Powering on and off is easy as well, make sure to hold the power button down though ! This may be the issue that many are having on it not turning on right away. The tablet is light weight and easy to hold. If my experience changes I'll be sure to amend my review.
  • 8/22/2016

Cynthia Tate
  • Very Happy
  • I am in love with my new Fire! It is so fast. It is not the color I ordered but it is no biggie. I ordered a purple I got a pink Put I did order a purple case so I am happy. I am looking forward to seeing just what this new Fire can do!
  • 8/22/2016

J. Kelley
  • Good, solid little tablet
  • Great little unit! Some trouble with using the "barrel plug" to charge, but talking with TabletExpress revealed that the USB plug near the barrel would also accept current inward, and that can accept a 2,000mA charge the same way the barrel plug charge port will. This makes travel logistics easier anyhow, since I have a couple of 5VDC @ 2,000mA wall wards with USB "A" sockets.

    Throw a 32GB card in, and you've got a great small tablet to work with - movies, music, references, Internet, Bluetooth - it's done everything I've asked of it so far. It links up to the ELM327 adapter in my car without a hitch, logs on to various networks easily, opens most docs with office apps I've downloaded - and it's faster than many computers I've used!
  • 8/19/2016

  • Great Android Tablet!!!
  • I'll It is such a beautiful color, it came in super fast! I've seen in reviews where people complain its slow if people haven't figure that out android you have to clean out the cache its like a computer! This tablet is great! Works great! Love it!!!
  • 8/19/2016

M. Beatty
  • Good choice for cheap tablet.
  • I purchased this for my 6 year old for Christmas. He uses it for games, watching movies, and listening to music and it fits the bill just fine for that. It does have an older operating system, Kit Kat, and I find it unlikely it'll be updated, but for what he uses it for, its not a problem. It does have a cheap plasticky feel to it, so I quickly ordered a protective case for it (there are many available).

    In comparison, I originally purchased another similarly priced table which turned out to be complete junk, it got sent back. Buttons were lose, display was aweful, and it wouldn't work with Google Play Music. If you are looking for a super cheap, but functional tablet, this is a good choice
  • 8/19/2016

  • Overall its a great tablet.
  • Honestly, it's better than I expected it would be. Has a clear picture, and will benefit our business greatly.
  • 4/27/2016

  • perfect color
  • Great features for the price and the blue color is nice. I love it.
  • 4/23/2016

  • very very Good
  • very Good!
  • 2/12/2016

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